Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Details: No Morning Sickness…And No Baby Related Spin-Offs?

Kim Kardashian rings in the New Year at 1 Oak Nightclub at The Mirage Resort and Casino Las Vegas, NV

You could feel the collective intake of air when society as a whole learned the news that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West would be bringing a mini-Kimye into the world.  If you were quiet enough, you could probably hear the dollar signs ka-chinging in Kris Jenner's eyeballs. Oh, the spin-offs!  The elaborate and totally ridiculously expensive baby gifts (the child will need his or her own private jet)!  The publicity!  The magazine covers!  Did I mention the spin-offs?  How are we ever going to continue Keeping Up with the Kardashians if they are constantly multiplying?

Kim and Kanye's khild is already internationally famous and the kid hasn't even been born yet.  However, being famous for being conceived is far better than one his or her mother is famous for, right?  Let's face it…the world had the same fearful reaction for the unborn child's fate when Jersey Shore's tequila-soaked, slipper-wearing, fist-pumping, underwear-forgetting meatball, and that situation (no pun intended) seems to be working out wonderfully.  Snooki has truly taken to motherhood, and most people would likely agree that it seems to have changed her for the better.  I'm hoping the same for Kim and wish her and tiny rapper my congratulations. 


Kanye surprised his fans when he announced Kim's pregnancy at a recent concert, but Kimye surprised the planet when it was announced that…wait for it…their baby will not be a plot line once the bundle of joy arrives.  Sources tell TMZ that the high profile couple doesn't want their child to be a part of KUWTK in an effort to "ensure real privacy" for the baby.  Not only that, it is rumored that Kim and Kanye will never feature their baby on the show, nor will they do a special or any type of spin-off revolving the baby or the birth.  Ooh…did you hear that?  That was the sound of Kris fainting to the ground.  Anyone want to do an over/under on how long this keeping the baby private thing will last?  How many times do we have to remind her that she IS NOT Beyonce

Of her pregnancy, Kim shares with Us Weekly, "I have felt good. I haven't had any morning sickness, but it still isn't the easiest. People always say it's easy and fun. It's definitely an adjustment learning about your body and stuff like that. I've been feeling really good so that's good." 

Who are these people who always say pregnancy is easy and fun?  Life changing, special, a bonding experience…I've heard all of these things, but "easy and fun"?  Perhaps I should introduce Kim to one of my dearest friends who will inform the reality star that no matter how cute your Tory Burch shoes are, having your swollen feet eat them from the outside in is far from "easy and fun."  Of course, I've yet to meet a mother who doesn't think that the good, the bad, and the ugly of pregnancy isn't well worth the beautiful and amazing end result, and no doubt Kim will feel the same.

When asked about learning the baby's gender, Kim replied that she will certainly do so.  Well, duh!  How else is Kris going to decorate for a $500K baby shower complete with a pink–or blue–carpet for the thousands of guests to walk on as they enter the swag laden venue?  Kim tells the site, "Of course I do want to know. I can't find out yet, but I do want to know."

Kim and her tiny crystal mask wearing rapper beau (seriously…you all saw this picture, right?) are "very excited" about this next phase in their lives together.  In fact, a friend of the couple is convinced that Kanye is more than ready to propose, saying,  "He's told friends and family he was gonna [marry] her since the day they met."  Hmmm….whatever could be keeping him from getting down on one knee now?  Oh right….Kris Humphries, sorry I forgot about you for a second, bud!


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