More Details On Season Eleven Of Project Runway…Celebrity Guest Judges Revealed!

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I really like Project Runway, but good gracious why do they keep insisting on switching things up every season?  First it jumped networks, then it brought back all-star contestants (I do think that was brillz), now it's losing Michael Kors?  Can anything short of a miracle (and/or Austin Scarlett) revitalize this program?

Every reality show run(way)s its course, and this fashion competition is getting ready to start its eleventh season.  Not only are we losing the snippy and fabulous Michael Kors, the competition has changed as well.  Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled at the return of host Heidi Klum and judge Nina Garcia, and I think that Zac Posen will be an amazing replacement for Mr. Kors.  I just really don't do all that well with change.  Of course, through all the ups, downs, and modeling turn arounds, there is one constant that lays all my fears to rest.  Tim Gunn.  If these new tweaks in the show are tacky or visionless, there's no doubt Tim will be telling the producers to "make it work!"


The new season of Project Runway will be premiering on Lifetime at 9PM ET on January 24th.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, Michael Kors is citing scheduling issues for his inability to return, but thankfully he'll make an appearance when he serves as a guest judge on the finale.  

The addition of Zac Posen isn't the only twist for viewers or contestants.  Each of the challenges will have the sixteen designers competing in teams.  We all know this show is famous for finding one or two–or five!–up and comers each season who don't play well with others.  That switch will definitely create even more drama among the over tired, totally drained designers.  That must be the point, right?

In the hour before the premiere airs, we'll be treated to a Road to the Runway special which will be hosted by Marie Claire’s Zanna Roberts Rassi.  The special will feature commentary from past fan favorites as well as introduce viewers to the sixteen new contestants.

Throughout the season, we are sure to be treated to a plethora of insane challenges as well as some fabulous guest judges.  This time around, celebrity judges will include Bette Midler, Susan Sarandon, Miranda Lambert, John Legend, Joan and Melissa Rivers, Emmy Rossum, Kristin Davis, Jordana Brewster, as well as fierce 2007 winner Christian Siriano.  Fashion designers Tracy Reese, Chris Benz, and Rachel Roy will also make appearances.  I will certainly be tuning in to see how this whole "team challenge" thing works!


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