Shahs of Sunset Star Mercedes MJ Javid Has A Criminal Past

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2013 is starting off as the year of kicking skeletons out of the reality TV stars' closets.  This week's dish involves our favorite Shahs of Sunset star, Mercedes 'MJ' Javid.  Or Mercedah Christine Javid, according to her rap sheet. 

Back when MJ was just 18, she was working as a teller at the Home Savings Bank in Beverly Hills and got caught up in a case of fraud and spent a month in prison for her part in the crime.  The case details are outlined in court documents that were submitted when MJ was requesting her real estate license.  


The gist of the story uncovered by RadarOnline:  When she was working as a teller, MJ was approached by four men who asked her deposit funds for them in a number of accounts without placing the standard hold on the deposits and then withdraw the funds and give it to them.  MJ didn't know the men and did refuse to participate initially.  She gave in after the men threatened her, her father, and her boyfriend. 

MJ made a few of the transactions – approximately $100K worth over a period of two weeks back in 1990. (note: MJ didn't receive any financial benefit from the scheme)  The bank found out and put a freeze on MJ's account.  She stopped coming to work and didn't hear more about the goings-on until 1993 when the FBI came knocking.  Mercedes pled guilty for her part in 1994. 

Mercedes served 1 month in prison, 5 months of house arrest and 3 years of probation and paid a $10,000 fine for her crime.  The court documents also note the lengths MJ went to to turn her life around and make up for what she did – volunteer work and more.  

The court granted MJ a restricted real estate license after going over her documentation, which included letters from previous and current employers and a list of what she did in an effort to make up for the fraudulent crime she participated in.

Interestingly, it says that MJ grew up in a small town in Virginia and moved to L.A. with her dad when she was 16 after her parents divorced.  Didn't she tell us her parents had lived within a few mile radius of each other her whole life? Maybe her mom moved out there shortly after they did.

And here's GG playing tough guy when our MJ is the one who did hard time!


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