Teen Mom Recap: Moving On, Moving Up, And Moving Out


I have to say, last night's episode of Teen Mom 2 was rather positive.  We're not used to that, are we?  Both Jenelle Evans and Leah Messer found affordable and spacious rental homes which would benefit their kids.  Chelsea Houska worked closer towards her GED, although tragedy definitely struck, and it was heartbreaking.  Finally, Kailyn Lowry's mom reminds of why Kailyn acts the way she does.  That woman is quite an itch-bay!

Jenelle has moved out of Josh's house after a big fight.  That certainly didn't take long, did it?  She calls her friend Amber to see if she can crash with her to avoid drama with Barbara.  Amber has separated from her husband, and she wants a bigger house now that her baby boy is getting bigger.  The girls daydream about getting a grown-up house where they can live with their sons, and Jenelle waxes poetic about how the courts will love the stable environment and Barbara will love Amber's positive influence.  Yeah.

Kailyn returns from Texas, and she shares the details of the trip with her friend GiGi, adding that she'd love to move there.  GiGi wonders how Jo will feel about Kailyn moving Isaac to Texas, and Kailyn meanly quips that he can have his rap career.  If he wants to be a rapper, he'd have to go on tour and leave Isaac anyway, right?  Sometimes I am overwelmed by Kailyn's maturity…she is wise beyond her years, that one. 

It's date night for Leah and Jeremy.  She tells him that she spoke to Corey, and, while she wanted him to want to change, she didn't feel any sincerity on Corey's part.  Jeremy is relieved, and he hopes Leah will stop letting Corey mess with her head.  Um, did he just hear her correctly?  I got the impression that had Corey been super serious, she would be back with him in a heartbeat, but since he's not…eh, Jeremy is a warm body.  These girls and their need to have any boy in their bed!  Meanwhile, Corey is herding the twins while talking to his friend Austin.  The girls are so cute to say night-night to Corey and sissy, and "I love you."  Corey shares his confusion and frustration over Leah, and he decides it's best to try to move on with his life.


In the most not shocking news ever, Chelsea hasn't talked to Adam in weeks even though Aubree spends time with his parents.  She's thisclose to being done with her GED.  She calls her dad to whine about how horrible she is at math and complains that her mom may not be back in time to watch Aubree so she can take her practice test.  After she hangs up, she let's her dogs out in the backyard.  I almost can't watch because I know what is about to happen.  The dogs run away from a baby-talking Chelsea, but she is able to corral one of them when she pretends to be getting in the car.  She and Aubree laugh as they chase the puppy through the street, until she's sidetracked by a phone call from her mom.  The music gets very ominous, and we see her run into the backyard and let out a scream.  No.  I can't handle a dead dog.  She runs inside to call her dad, and we learn that her puppy has been attacked by another dog, and Chelsea can't get her dog away from it, and her dog dies.  Her father comes over, and she explains that the police couldn't do anything because her dog was off leash.  As annoying as I find Chelsea, I feel so badly for her. 



Kailyn picks up Isaac from Jo, and he asks about her trip.  She tests the waters by saying that she thinks Isaac would be really happy there.  Jo agrees…Isaac would love a trip to Texas, as long as he's back every weekend for Jo's visitation.  Score one for Jo!  He tells Kailyn that her mother came by to visit to because she was looking at houses in his parents' development.  Kailyn is livid that Jo let her mom see Isaac.  I see her point, but I also understand what an awkward spot it puts Jo in when her mom just pops in unexpectedly.  I do know, Kailyn doesn't need to be telling her son's father to eff off right in front of their child. 

Jenelle meets up with Barbara and Jace who are watching the boats.  She shares that she has broken up with Josh, and Barbara thinks that, while he was a nice guy, they moved too quickly.  Barbara is excited to learn that Jenelle is moving in with Amber.  I like to hear them getting along.  I really think Barbara wants the best for her daughter, but she doesn't always have the best delivery.

Leah and Jeremy take the girls to dinner.  Jeremy is glad that Leah has finally put Corey behind her, and he asks her how school is going.  Oh gracious, the driving!  You wouldn't believe the amount of driving she has to do and the sitter has to do…perhaps the school shouldn't have jumped through so many hoops with MTV to get her enrolled in a matter of days!  She also reveals that she'd like a bigger house with hardwoods because she thinks that would aid Ali in her development. 

Is it me, or does Chelsea's hair get lighter and lighter every week?  Aubree keeps asking about the missing dog, and Chelsea tells her friend how worried she is about her GED math test.  Do these girls own stock in VS Pink?  Aubree gets in trouble for telling Chelsea to "shut up."  I wonder where she heard that?


Now that she's saved up enough money for rent, Jenelle and Amber are going househunting with Jace in tow.  Not surprisingly, Jenelle is skipping class to do so.  With the help of a realtor, they find a house with a lot of character and the right amount of space for a very reasonable price.  I am kind of jealous.  Oh Lord, my life has sunk to a new low if I'm suddenly envious of Jenelle's cheap rent and lots of space! 

Kailyn has Isaac in daycare as she heads to school…I didn't realize that her school took place in a pizzaria.  Maybe I'm jealous of Kailyn now too.  She's lunching with a friend and complaining that Jo let Isaac see her mom.  Her friend suggests that Kailyn call her mother, but Kailyn informs him that her mom has blocked her number.  He offers her his phone, but her mom hangs up when she hears Kailyn's voice.  This woman is a piece of work.  She calls back and asks her mom why she didn't call her to tell her she would be popping in to see Isaac.  Her mother says she doesn't understand Kailyn's question and hangs up again.  The third attempt, Kailyn is sent directly to voicemail where she leaves a message requesting that her mother ask for permission the next time she wants to see Isaac.  Immediately her mother calls back, saying that she doesn't need permission to see her grandson and her visits with him are none of Kailyn's business.  Of course, she then hangs up again.  Is this woman for real?  It is absolutely Kailyn's business!  A tearful Kailyn explains that she doesn't want her mom to set Isaac up for disappointment by coming around only when it pleases her.  She makes a very valid point. 

Leah is taking a page from Jenelle's playbook and blowing off class to look for a new place to live.  She finds a four bedroom/two bath house for $725 a month.  Maybe I need to move to West Virginia.  Leah is excited about the fresh start and all of the space.  Likewise, it's moving day for Jenelle, and Barbara brings Jace over to see the house and help move.  Barbara sings the praises of her new home.  Jenelle admits to Amber that she's going to unenroll from her classes which means she'll have paid for the semester but will receive no credits.  Her personal life is just too much to handle school as well.  Amber seems appears to wonder what she's gotten herself into, and she asks how Jenelle thinks Barbara will handle the news.  Um, not well, I'm guessing.


Chelsea finally takes her math practice test, and she passes.  All she needs to do now is take the real math and science sections.  Her mom asks her about Adam, and Chelsea reveals that they still aren't talking.  Her mother thinks that Chelsea seems to be doing much better off without him, and Chelsea agrees but adds that those are usually the times Adam returns.  Hopefully this time around she'll be strong enough not to let him back into her life. 

Kailyn is taking Jo to dinner to discuss the situation with her mom.  The pair have a mature chat about how to deal with her mom in the future, and although they come to a quick agreement as to how to handle things, they are both still very defensive.  She then brings up moving to Texas, and she says that Jo would get to see Isaac at least three times a year.  That is not okay for Jo.  His son needs to see him and the family he's known his whole life.  You have to give Jo credit for actually being a hands on dad.  I wish Kailyn would see how fortunate she is. 

After withdrawing from college, Jenelle goes to tell Barbara that she's dropped out of her classes.  Barbara surprises Jenelle by not flipping out, and she explains that she hopes Jenelle keep pursuing her education.  Wow.  Did they really not just have a giant blow up over this news? 

Leah tells Jeremy about the house, and he wants to move in together.  Leah is over the moon with this news.  Well, this episode ended on a more positive than normal note, didn't it?

Next week, Leah is happy to get rid of the trailer, and Chelsea wants to follow suit by finding a new place to live.  Amber promptly realizes Jenelle is not the easiest roommate and moves out as quickly as she moved in, while Kailyn meets her future fiance.  Texas where?


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