I am really enjoying this season of Mob Wives so far.  I like the calmer Drita D'Avanzo, the empowered Renee Graziano, the softer side of Karen Gravano, and who doesn't love Big AngLove Majewski has some excellent one liners, and Ramona Rizzo doesn't seem as hateful as usual.  Now, if we could just do something about Carla Facciolo

Last night began as Renee received a threatening letter from her ex warning her not to turn AJ against him or speak ill of him to their son.  Understandably freaked out, she goes to see Ramona at the hair salon.  Ramona can't get over the content of the letter, and is appalled that he was even able to get a stamp in jail to send it in the first place.  He even writes "this is importanat to your future."  Yeah, I'd say that is pretty threatening!

Love's mother reveals that Love was so horrible as a teenager that she called her "Satan's spawn."  Love has had a string of mobster boyfriends, and she has broken so many noses that she had to stop counting.  Karen arrives to remenisce with the mother-daughter duo, and Love reveals that she''d love to settle down and start a family, but how do you tell your husband that you've shot and stabbed your exes?  That's a tough call. 

Carla and Ang meet up, and Carla shares that Joe is moving in with his girlfriend.  Carla isn't too keen on the idea of having Raquel in such a motherly role with the twin.  Big Ang is a tad peeved that Carla ditched her Botox party.  Carla didn't want it to be uncomfortable since no one really likes her at the moment…she's got that, right, doesn't she?  Ang informs Carla that none of the women have a problem with her, and she wishes that Carla would be more supportive of Renee's efforts to get clean.  Carla believes that Renee is totally unstable thanks so all of her pill popping, and she's done with Renee. 


Karen is meeting with a financial planner so that she can put aside money for Karina's future.  She tells him that her father used to keep all of his money in a wall.  Karen explains that she still owns a home in Arizona and she is allowing her ex to live there rent free so he can get back on his feet after prison.  She pays the mortgage since Dave is Karina's father. The financial planner advises Karen to make him start coughing up some rent money stat. 

Ramona chats with Ang about Joe's incarceration.  There have been no plea deals, and she is unsure how long he will have to stay in prison.  She doesn't like feeling like they are in limbo.  Ramona also shares Junior's threatening letter with Ang, and both women agree that Renee needs to tell someone and protect herself.  Renee thinks she'll feel like a rat if she gets the authorities involved. 

Renee decides she needs to get a handle on her addicition issues, so she heads to a group therapy session.  She is very emotional, and she shares that Junior was over-medicating her after her surgery so that Renee wouldn't know that he was cooperating with the federal government.  She reveals that she has been popping Xanax so that she won't have to feel…she can just sleep through the emotional pain.   Renee is now determined to get her life on track and not let Junior drag her down even further. 


Drita and Love are getting together for cocktails.  They have known each other since high school, and Drita always thought Love was one of the cool kids.  They've all known each other since forever.  Love reveals that Carla has been trashing her all over town.  Drita promises that Carla hasn't said anything bad to her about Love, and she wants everyone to get along because she's sick of being the middle man in the midst of Carla's new drama.  Love shares that Carla has started dating a guy that she used to be seeing.  Drita isn't sure that Carla and this guy are still together.  Love tells Drita that Carla is going to learn the hard way about what a psychopath the guy is…he was stalking Love after she tried to break it off with him.  Drita wants Love to tell Carla about how insane this guy is, but Love warns her that if Carla starts mouthing off to her, she will put Carla in the hospital.  Or kill her in the street with a stiletto.  Either way, Carla had better watch herself around Love. 

Karina is visiting Karen, and Karen is thrilled that Karina has taken such an interest in the sport.  She hopes it will keep her daughter from going down the same path she did as a teen.  Karen doesn't know what's going on with Dave, but he's not returning his calls.  Karina tells her mother not to get upset or bust a cap or anything, but her dad has a girlfriend.  Karen tries to remain calm because she doesn't want to lose it in front of Karina.  Karina shares that the new girlfriend is nice, but she has never stayed over when Karina's been home.  However, Karina spends a lot of nights at her grandmother's house, and she did happen to find a g-string in bedropom…that is wrong on so many levels.  Why would she need to be in Karina's bedroom? 


After the drama with Junior's letter, she is ready to get the heck out of dodge, and she is happy she was able to find a new home so quickly.  Renee is cutting Junior out of all of her pictures and packing up her stuff.  She wants to rid her life of all things Junior.  Ramona comes by to check on her friend, and she helps Renee with her Junior purge.  The women take great pleasure in burning Renee's wedding photos.  Renee packs up her stuff and leaves her mattress on the curb…she is unsure as to whether Junior slept with anyone else on it, so better safe than sorry.

Drita is preparing her daugther (and herself) for the trip to see Lee in jail.  Her daughter is confused about all of the rules they will have to follow at the prison, and Drita explains that they will have to spend the night at a motel because the prison is so far away.  When asked if she could hug her dad, Drita tells her daughter that if anyone tries to stop her, they will have a huge problem with Drita.  She is also nervous about seeing Lee herself because she still has feelings for him. 

Karen tells Ramona about Dave's new girlfriend.  She practically has a coronary when she learns that Karina found a thong in her bedroom.  They wonder why Dave wouldn't tell Karen himself that he was seeing someone, and they speculate that maybe he still has feelings for her.  Ramona urges her to go to Arizona to see what's going on with him.

At the new house, Renee talks to AJ about her addiction problems, and he isn't very thrilled with his mother's decision to go to rehab in Florida.  He believes that taking drugs is a choice not a disease, and he blames her for ever starting taking the pils in the first place.  Renee is hurt that he isn't being more supportive, but she wants to show him that she can overcome her addiction.  He begrudgingly tells her that he has total faith in her, and he's not embarrassed…he's been though enough already in his life that this isn't going to embarrass him.  Poor guy!


Drita goes to see Carla and tells her that she is very nervous about going to see Lee.  Carla thinks that he'll definitely try to come back home once he gets out of prison.  Joe did the same thing to her, but she no longer had any feelings for him.  Lee will be out in six months, and Drita wants to do what is best for her girls.

Next week, Renee heads to sunny Florida for rehab, while Karen goes to Arizona to confront Dave about the dreaded thong.  Drita takes her daughters to see Lee


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