Following a nasty fight on Monday and a pregnancy scare on Tuesday, Jenelle Evans has announced that she plans to divorce Courtland Rogers as soon as possible. 

Early this morning, the Teen Mom 2 star tweeted, "I am getting a divorce, ASAP. YOU F**KING LEAVE OUT OF TOWN AND I MIGHT BE HAVING A MISCARRIAGE?! F**K U, U F**KING PIECE OF S**T."

Jenelle and Courtland have been married for 51 days and are expecting their first baby together this September. On Monday, Jenelle was "heartbroken in half completely" after she learned Courtland was out partying while she was sleeping. 

The newlyweds went their separate ways – Jenelle to Facebook and Courtland to Twitter – 😉 


An angry Jenelle wrote, "If u guys only seen how many girls he tries to f-k in a week, so sad. It's like he's a horny nasty dog, ew. Telling girls u love them and prove to u they love u and the girl gets mad when she finds out I'm pregnant? Wow yeah I have all the screen shots just haven't posted them. I'm so sick of men ruining my life." A somber Courtland wrote, "I have never felt like this before in all my life!! 🙁 what do I doooo I need answers I need some friends to help get me threw this."

With the exception of rumors and speculations –  Is Jenelle hiding out with Gary Head? Did Courtland beat up Jenelle? Is Courtland in Kentucky with another girl? Is Courtland in jail? Is Jenelle faking her pregnancy? – things were relatively calm yesterday in Jenelle and Courtland land. 

That is, until 3:00 pm, when Jenelle's friend Kris told the world that Jenelle was on her way to the hospital…  with Courtland nowhere to be found.  This news sent the gossip mags into a tailspin… running miscarriage stories.

7:00 pm: Hey, everyone is asking about Jenelle, how she is doing and what she is in the Hospital for. I'm not allowed to say anything about what she is in there for until she tells me to. She is still there though. Sorry :/ XoXo – Kris

Jenelle is not and has not been doing drugs. She is clean, so any person who makes a drug affiliated comment about her doing them, will immediately be banned. The rumors are stupid and annoying. She doesn't do drugs, she isn't having an abortion. Sometimes I seriously think some people post such rude and negative things to make themselves feel better about their own mistakes in life. If you don't like her, dislike the page. XoXo – Kris

8:50 pm: Jenelle is officially out of the hospital people =) XoXo – Kris

Yes Ik why, I am just waiting for her to okay me to release it. – Kris

9:00 pm: Jenelle tweeted, "Go on and take a bow."

9:15 pm: Jenelle's conditions are not good, but cannot say more about what happened. Pray for her and the baby and also that certain people get what they deserve. She is very hurt and feels very betrayed. P.S. Courtland can go f-k himself. XoXo – Kris

As it stands now, Jenelle wants a divorce and, if you need her, she's "going to chill with an old friend, lmao, finally" now that she has her "freedom back."

Courtland – out of hiding and maintaining his innocence – just tweeted, "I never did anything to hurt my wife I always loved her with every ounce of my heart 🙁 I can't take life like this!" and "This hurts so bad goodbye twitter y'all will see the truth."


Photo credit: Twitter