UPDATE: Consequence Calls Out Kimye For Hooking Up During Reggie Bush Relationship; Plus, Kris Jenner’s Ex-Husband’s Journals Allege Abuse And Abandonment!

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The Kardashian gossip is just so juicy today, I am not sure which story with which to lead.  Do I start with the Kris Jenner abuse allegations that are penned in her ex-husband Robert Kardashian's journal?  Should I lead with a certain new VH1 star's claims that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were hooking up back during her Reggie Bush relationship?  So.  Much.  Pressure. 

Eh, we'll go with the second rumor first and save the juiciest for last.  Y'all aren't shocked to hear that Kim was cheating on Reggie, are you? 

It's what happens when reality worlds collide…secrets are spilled.  This is especially true when one of the reality stars is trying desperately to promote his first season of appearing on Love & Hip HopConsequence, who calls himself "arguably the best ghostwriter of all times," (and he truly is–I now know from that statement where Kanye got his line from his drunken MTV Award tirade!  Brilliant!) is spilling some deets on Kimye from years past, and he shares why there is no love lost between himself and his former friend, the tiny rapper.


According to MTV, Cons was in on Kim and Kanye's relationship back in the day…so much so that he was chauffeuring his friend to the couple's sexy times while his girlfriend Jen Bayer was pregnant with his child.  Why is he spilling the beans now?  Apparently, he needs to remain relevant for his flailing show his once good friend Kanye never acknowledged the birth of his son Caden.  Consequence reveals, "I was driving him to the tail-y.  He never even reached out. I didn't never want no money from Kanye as far as my son was concerned. It's just a matter of, 'Yo congratulations; your life is changing.' That's a friend, so when you're not my friend no more and I ghostwrote for, I'ma tell everybody."

Jen joins in Cons' anger, and she may even be more livid than he is, upset about the fact that Kanye never congratulated the pair on Caden's birth.  She snipes, "When he was sticking Kim, when Kim was with Reggie, you know whose secret that was? That was our secret, when the rest of the world didn't know. No one blew up his spot. He had his back. Every night that man called, 'What do I do? What do I do, you know, about Kim? I need to be with her, I want to be with her,' this, that and the third. That secret was in 'my' home.”  Wow, Jen's not one to mince words, is she?  And here I thought she was so timid on L&HH.  Doo Doo do DOOOO [The more you know].

Moving on to more scandalous news (because, again, what's so scandalous about Kim cheating?  Although if I were Cons, I don't think I'd want the tiny rapper as an enemy…he may make you wear a pair of his hideous shoes!), In Touch is claiming to have Robert Kardashian's private journals…and the shiz contained within, if true, is pretty serious.  Check out what the tabloid has to say about them below!

In Touch has exclusively obtained the late Robert Kardashian’s handwritten journals from his widow, Ellen Kardashian. In the journal entries, dated throughout 1989 and 1990, Robert paints a heartbreaking childhood portrait of Kim, Kourtney and Khloé and a damning picture of mom Kris Jenner. “Kris was kicking and beating her and said she was going to kill [Kim]!” Robert claimed in his diary on Aug. 24, 1989. “Kim was hysterical.” That’s just one of the shocking incidents the lawyer, who died of esophageal cancer in 2003, recorded in his journal at the time his 12-year marriage to Kris was imploding.

Robert goes on to detail Kris’ alleged affair with younger soccer player Todd Waterman, claiming Kris left her kids — all under the age of 11— for days at a time. “She doesn’t leave a number in case of emergency. She doesn’t care!” he wrote on Dec. 15, 1989. “She left [the] kids and screwed all night!” Only 10 days after that entry, Robert chronicled that “Kris couldn’t get her act together” to spend Christmas with her children, “I was home alone with 4 kids.”

Robert’s widow, Ellen, confirms the authenticity of the journals, telling In Touch, “These are authentic handwritten journals I have shared, that my late husband Robert Kardashian so carefully wrote during 1989 and 1990 at a most trying and touching time of his life. They are my personal possessions and he left them to me on his passing.”

Those are some pretty damning accusations, if you ask me!  Now, I'm sure when he writes about Kris leaving the children for days at a time they were supervised by Robert or a slew of nannies, but it could certainly explain Kourtney's obvious disdain for her mother.  However, Kris beating a young Kim doesn't quite make sense given that Kim is now clearly her favorite…perhaps it's out of guilt?  I do need to add though, that this man was a very intelligent attorney (and OJ's BFF), so it's entirely possible that if he was keeping these journals at the end of his failing marriage with the knowledge his wife was having an affair, they may not be totally accurate…or at the very least slightly exaggerated.  Never did I think I'd be giving Kris any benefit of the doubt.  I guess I just like playing devil's advocate sometimes! 


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UPDATE: Shortly after this story started breaking all over the blogs the various members of the Kardashian fam took to twitter to express their outrage and disgust regarding the acusations their former step-mother made. 

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"Prob done responding to fakeness for a while but I knew this weeks stories hurt my mom & I will set record straight 2 protect her!" Kim added. Are we sure Kris didn't threaten to kill Kim when Kanye blew their chance at a big budget baby announcement? Not even a lil threat? 

While Kim is done, Khloe certainly isn't! 

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And one person who isn't shying away from the fact that Kris has threatened to kill him is Scott Disick