The Bachelor Recap: One Tierra-ble Bachelorette Has Sean Lowe Fooled


Chris Harrison congratulates the 13 remaining bachelorettes – Tierra, Desiree, Amanda, AshLee, Jackie, Lesley, Catherine, Daniella, Selma, Lindsay, RobynSarah, and Leslie – for surviving an entire three weeks on the Bachelor. Good for them… but, seriously, where's the shirtless wonder

Ah, there he is! Bachelor Sean Lowe goes into this week's dates with "trust" in mind, which totally comes in handy during his first one-on-one date. The date card goes to Selma and reads "let's turn up the heat." Sean's plan is to take the "glamorous girl" out of her element to see how she reacts. Good times. 

Less than impressed by their final destination, Selma says, "I got the limo. I got the jet. And then he took the Iraqi to a desert. I do not do well in the heat. At all. I'm so disappointed." The desert location is Joshua Tree National Park and the activity is rock climbing. The glamor girl complains about this not-so-fabulous date. Despite her fear of heights and heat-induced puffiness, Selma climbs the rock like a champ! She's proud of herself and Sean's impressed. 

Now what? How do they get down? 


Sean and Selma end their night snuggling at Hicksville Trailer Palace. Selma tells Sean she cannot kiss him and shares, "I was born in Baghdad, Iraq, and I was brought into this world as a Muslim. So in my culture, it's so strict, we barely even date in public. To kiss someone on national television… I think my mom would literally have a heart attack!" (Someone at Bachelor Pad reluctantly crosses sexy Selma's name off the list!) Selma's boobs gets a rose even with the lack of kissy time. 


Next, Sean takes Lindsay, Robyn, Jackie, Catherine, Amanda, AshLee, Sarah, and Tierra to "roll with the punches" at the Roller Derby. From beginning to end, the date is a nightmare. The bachelorettes cannot even stand on skates – let alone derby – and fall repeatedly. The challenge is especially hard on Sarah, who lacks balance and the means to prop herself back up when she falls, and she cries. Amanda lies about her derby experience, to inflict fear in her competition, and then proceeds to bust her jaw on the floor. Karma is a bitch. The paramedics whisk Amanda off to the hospital, and Sean calls off the derby in favor of an old-fashioned (7-on-1) couples skate.

Lindsay, Robyn, Jackie, Catherine, AshLee, Sarah, and Tierra trade their booty shorts and skates for booty dresses and six-inch heels and head to dinner with SeanSybil Amanda (and her personality of the day – charming yet threatening) is still being treated at the hospital.

When Sean pulls Sarah away for alone time, AshLee and Lindsay attempt (and fail) to make make small talk with Tierra. Amanda returns and shares, "Luckily, I wasn't hurt too badly, but I love the sympathy card. I will milk the heck out of this." Amanda works her magic on Sean, and Tierra freaks out when Robyn asks "AshLee and Sarah" and not "AshLee and Sarah and Tierra" about Amanda's accident. 

It's cool, though, because Tierra is totally not going to let the other girls get in her way of Sean… for about five minutes… and then she cries "torture" and wants to leave. Tierra goes all "crouching tiger hidden dragon" while waiting for Sean. Tierra attacks her prey, crying, "It's bad enough that I have to sit every day wondering, you know, like, how much time I'm going to really going to get with you and, like, living with all these women is just so hard. It's torture. It's seriously torture. I don't want to walk away, giving up, but it's hard seeing you go with other girls … I'm so sensitive and so emotional when it comes to something I want to go after."

I start out feeling sorry for Sean… but then he gives Tierra the rose… I have no words. AshLee says to the stunned bachelorettes, "Tierra is good. She's good at what she does." 


Leslie gets the last one-on-one date. The date card comes with diamond earrings, which means Pretty Woman date, and Daniella totally wants to punch Leslie in the throat. Sean deserves to be punched for his vest. Leslie says things like "holy moly, batman" and "winner, winner, chicken dinner." I digress. Pretty Woman date: Sean and Leslie cruise in a sports car, shop on Rodeo Drive, borrow a 120-carat diamond necklace from Neil Lane, and eat dinner at a fancy hotel. Sean says he has yet to feel a romantic connection with Leslie, adding, "If I was ever going to have that romantic feeling about Leslie, tonight is the night."

Ultimately, it's just not there. Sean picks up the rose and tells Leslie, "Today was a perfect day for romance, and I wanted that romantic connection to click. Honestly, I just didn't feel it today … I couldn't allow you to go on any further knowing I'm not the man for you." Just for fun, Leslie should have said, "Big mistake. Huge." Instead, she warns Sean about the "wrong reasons" girls. Sean dramatically throws Leslie's rose over a balcony.

Going into the rose ceremony, Selma and Tierra have roses already. Tierra-ble Tierra quickly becomes the center of attention. Tierra pulls Robyn and Jackie aside to kind of apologize. She basically tells them how they have wronged her and demands they stop paying attention to her. Tierra sits down with Sean, saying, "I don't want you to think I'm this girl that's, like, drama center because that's not me at all. I hate drama. For some reason, girls have a hard time accepting me for who I am."  Sean thinks it's because Tierra psychs herself out. I think she's just a bitch. Tierra is obviously self-unaware. 

Sean shares quality time with AshLee. Amanda always looks so pretty during the dates and horrible at the rose ceremonies. It's almost as if she has a daily expiration time. Robyn asks Sean if he wants to taste her chocolate (wink, wink). 

We finally see Sean and Catherine together. Sean seems smitten! They take a walk, to share their first kiss in private, and it's really sweet. Catherine shares, "The kiss that I had with him was perfect. It was short and sweet and leaving both of us wanting more. I want a good, passionate man who cares, and I think he has all of those qualities. I think we could make such a great relationship happen." While Catherine got some screen time, Jackie and Daniella continue to be a mystery. And (my early favorite) Desiree seems to be missing in action. 

Sean offers roses to Catherine, Desiree, Lindsay, Lesley, Robyn, AshLee, Sarah, Jackie, and Daniella. Jawbreaker Amanda's journey has come to an end. The hot mess – crazy hair, blood red lips, ill-fitting dress –  appears to be walking home. 

Next week, the Bachelor airs on Monday and Tuesday. Double the Bachelor means double the fun and double the drama. 


Photo credit: ABC