Chris Harrison Dishes On Bachelor Sean Lowe’s Decision; Justin Bieber’s Mom Gets In On The Action!

It's no secret to any of you that I adore Bachelor host Chris Harrison.  He's equal parts diplomatic, fatherly, and humorous.  He doesn't mince words.  He wears ties that could not be pulled off by the average gentleman.  In fact, the only complaint I've ever had about Mr. Harrison was his lapse in judgment when he went out with Justin Bieber's mom (more on her later!).  Chris is now speaking out Sean Lowe's engagement to Catherine Giudici and ABC's pick for Desiree Hartsock for the Bachelorette.  
Chris even expresses his disdain for Sean choosing to do Dancing with the Stars because he believes people will perceive him as being a "famewhore" who didn't do the Bachelor for the right reasons.  Remember what I said about him not mincing words?  Love it!  Meanwhile, The Biebs' mom Patti Mallette was live-tweeting all over the place during Monday night's broadcast…perhaps trying to pique the interest of a certain debonair host?

Speaking with TV Guide, Chris has some good insight into the finale of the show.  He finally lets the viewers in on some behind the scenes gossip, and he calls out Sean as a bad break-upper.  Classic!  Check out a portion of his interview below: 
Before the final rose ceremony, Sean and his mother had an emotional talk. What did you think of the parental meetings overall?
You see where Sean gets his sincerity. The moments when both Lindsay [Yenter] and Catherine were with Sean's dad were incredible. He is just such a loving, well-spoken man; those were two of my favorite moments. With his mom, because both meetings went great, Sean expressed love for both of them and they were both so close, she was like, "Well if you love them both and they're both this perfect, then you're not ready to make a decision." And she was probably a little gun shy after Emily.
Why did you give Sean Catherine's letter after Lindsay's rejection?
We knew Sean was picking Catherine so we wanted to get Lindsay out of the way because we knew that would be tough. As you've seen during the season, Catherine has this thing about giving Sean silly letters, but letters that meant a lot to him. She had come out of her shell and talked to him about how much she loved him. But after letting Lindsay go and [seeing] how upset he was, getting that final, very serious letter of affirmation about their life gave him confidence and peace of mind that he was doing the right thing and felt good about the proposal.
How tough was it watching Lindsay's goodbye? 
It was more brutal than in the past. I felt so uncomfortable and awkward and sad. You saw she was completely blind-sided, but she gathered herself very quickly and handled it with such grace and class. But you did see shades of AshLee in her. Sean has an affinity for feeling like it's his moment, but how much is too much in a breakup? He told Lindsay he loved her during their breakup! Lindsay was finally like, "Stop, I don't really want to hear this from you right now," and Sean kept going and going like, "I want you to know how hard this was." In Lindsay's own sweet way she was like, "I really could give a sh– right now." Watching it back he may go, "I'm not really good at breaking up."
So what did you think of the proposal? Chances for making it?
The proposal was awesome. That reaction sums her up, and I think that's what Sean loves about her. She is a little more mature than her age. She has a deep and caring side, but at the same time she makes Sean smile. He lights up like the Fourth of July when he is around her. 
What do you think about their chances of lasting as a couple?
He had a lot of connections, but when I say her name or he's around her he's like a school boy. In the great couples I've seen come through like Ashley and J.P., they still act like that when they're around each other. It doesn't mean it's forever, but all I know is that Sean and Catherine have that it-factor now and that's all you can hope for. 
How do you feel about Sean doing Dancing with the Stars?
I understand it from Sean's perspective, but I got to be honest, I'm slightly disappointed. People are going to automatically think, "You are now a reality star and you are a fame whore," which is sad because that's not him. I wish him well and I think he'll win the thing, I just wish he had shown the world that he did The Bachelor for all the right reasons and he's ready to go back to his life with Catherine. If something possibly goes wrong with Catherine, people will think that's the reason. It opens himself up to stuff he didn't need right now. But, again, I get it.
Finally, how do you think Desiree will do as the new Bachelorette?
The show is made for people like Sean and people like Desiree. You can drop Desiree in Texas, Arkansas, L.A., New York and people will relate to her and that's rare. She can be that everyday girl. She's smart and funny. I've gotten to know her since the show has wrapped, and she is adorable. People are going to love her.
Speaking of love, Justin Bieber's mom is all about some ABC manufactured romance.  The thirty-seven-year-old single mother of the international hairstyle pop sensation doesn't hide her love of the reality franchise.  Tweeting during the show, Patti wrote, "OMG OMG OMG!!!!! NOOOOO. Seriously Sean??????? This is definitely, by far.. the Most Dramatic Season Finale EVER! #thebachelor."  Was it really?
However, Patti quickly became a Belieber in the pair, tweeting, "Ok that proposal was really amazing. She won me over in the end. And they ride off in an elephant together!? I'm happy 4 U. #thebachelor . . . *Sigh* #Soromantic," followed by, "Good season of #thebachelor. Congrats @SeanLowe09. Looking forward to seeing Desiree on #thebachelorette."
JB's mom isn't the only super fan of the show (admittedly, I could have taken or left Sean's season…it's Chris Harrison who has my super fandom!).  According to Deadline, despite having the lowest premiere ratings in the franchise's history, the Bachelor finished strong.  It was up fourteen percent from the previous Bachelor finale and up eighteen percent from last week's After the Final Rose special.  In fact, viewership was up this season in all major age demographics.  Numbers don't lie, y'all!
[Photo Credit: ABC]