Real Housewives of Orange County Star Gretchen Rossi Teams Up With Rolls Royce…Apparently The Mayans Were Wrong!


Okay, here's a total honesty moment:  I love blogging about reality stars because it makes me so appreciative of my wonderful family and amazing friends.  I'm very thankful that I don't need a make-up line or a self-tanning package to be relevant.  The truth is, I'll never be relevant like that, and I'm fine with that.  However, there are some stories that make want to curl up in a ball and rock quietly in a corner.  This is one of those.

I'll cut right to the chase.  It's a what the bleep moment for sure.  Real Housewives of Orange County's Gretchen Rossi is now designing for Rolls Royce.  Now, I'm not jealous that Gretchen is teaming with the luxury car brand–I'm quite happy with my paid off Acura from another decade–but I'm really disappointed in Rolls Royce.  She's getting her own Rolls Royce Edition.  What is the world coming to, I implore you, what is the world coming to?  Shouldn't those perks be set aside for the George Clooneys and Dame Helen Mirrens of the world?  Apocalypse, I am ready for you.


According to Celebuzz, Gretchen is teaming up with Rolls Royce in Newport Beach to take her Gretchen Christine Boo-Tay to the open roads.  She is now collaborating with the luxury car brand to create the 2013 Rolls Royce Ghost Gretchen Christine Edition.  Go ahead and shake your head in confusion…I know I am.

The Bravolebrity tells the site, “They asked me to custom design a Rolls-Royce. I never imagined I’d drive a car like this, let alone design it. I’ve always been a fan and enthralled by the beauty of the car.”  Sure you are, Gretchen, sure you are.  Poor Slade Smiley is salivating at the chance to drive it, that's for sure.  Wait, does he have his license back yet?

The car is said to be inspired by her high-end pocketbook line (their words, not mine!), and Gretchen reveals, “I’m headed to England to the factory to do the finishing touches."

Gretchen has a lot of 'must-haves' in the new ride, saying, “I want to make the car for the 2013 working woman who also loves to have fun and lives in luxury."

Not only will the car feature a spot for chilled champagne and the necessary flutes, it will also be a modern day office on wheels.  Gretchen shares, “I can be working from my car — whether it’s on my iPad or computer — and I’d love to have a place for them in the back of the seats.  That’s my life. As people know who watch the show, I am a very hard worker and I love to play and have fun.”

I like to play and have fun too, but I call it tennis.  I'm also a (somewhat) hard worker, but I attribute that to my laptop, not my Rolls.  Geez.  🙂


[Photo Credit: Twitter]