Former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky Shares Major Behind The Scenes Dirt; Sex Was A “Vicious Cycle” For Bachelor Sean Lowe


Are you ready for some MAJOR dirt from one of the former Bachelorettes?  I promise her name doesn't sound like Hey NerdAli Fedotowsky was the franchise's sweetheart, first leaving Jake Pavelka during his season and then finding romance (and then heartbreak) with Roberto Martinez.  Of course, we already know those deets…we want to hear about what goes on behind the scenes.  Ali reveals that she did the hippity dippity on just one of her overnight dates, but she admits it could have happened with more than one guy if one of her favorites hadn't headed back to his girlfriend before her season's end.  She also shares that one former Bachelor (try to guess who before clicking below!) used to take girls into the bathroom on group dates to test the merchandise!  I think you'll also be shocked to hear who she thinks was the victim of a very bad edit.  This is juicy stuff, y'all!

Oh yeah, and then there's Sean Lowe.  I jest…it's just that Ali's chat has some great little nuggets!  ABC has announced a new twist in the realm of Bachelor specials.  Also, Sean dishes why he is choosing abstinence until marriage.  I guess that's a little dirt from Sean.  🙂


First up, Ali's interview with the girls of A Drink With is really genuine and telling, especially whether she thinks the show is a good way to find your soul mate.  It hits on everything from her past career at Facebook to what it's like dealing with reality fame, as well as her new gig hosting NBC's 1st Look.  That said, it's also too long to post in its entirety, but I encourage you to read the whole thing here

Do you still believe in finding love on a show like “The Bachelor”?

I don’t think it’s a probable way of meeting someone, no. The odds are against you. Nobody goes on the show, unless they are crazy, thinking they are going to find the love of their life. No woman or man thinks,’This will be my husband’ without even meeting them. Maybe you are hopeful something will happen or hopeful for a great experience. My thing was that it was going to be a great story to tell when I’m old and have kids. So when you do actually have feelings you are surprised! Then you have to deal with all of these other women, it’s not easy.

So it was genuinely upsetting to see the bachelor with other girls, even when you knew it was coming? Sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s derived because it’s expected for the storyline.

You go in thinking you’re going to just have fun and then you have feelings for this guy and have to start dealing with all of these other girls and be okay with it. At the end of the day, it comes to confidence. The only thing I really cared about in my season was when Jake kept picking Vienna [Girardi], a girl who I didn’t think was a high caliber woman and I didn’t think was someone I could relate to. I was like, ‘If he’s picking her, if anything that makes me question him!’ So it wasn’t me doubting myself, it was me doubting him. If he is seeing something in her that he likes then there must be something in him I won’t like. Do you see what I mean? But otherwise I had a lot of confidence in our relationship so I didn’t really let it get to me. At the end of the day you should be able to trust someone in any situation. If you meet the man you are going to spend the rest of your life with, what is a month of him kissing another girl? I know it sounds hard but what is that when you’re going to spend the rest of your life with him?

When you were holding the reins on “The Bachelorette”, were you ever tempted to just spill it to Roberto when the cameras were off that he was the one?

I didn’t. I’ve actually never told anyone this so this could be a juicy detail but Roberto was my first overnight date, then it was Chris and Frank was my last one. I knew it was [down to] Roberto or Frank. I was still torn a bit but I was pretty sure it was Roberto [who was going to be the final one]. I don’t know if you remember my season but Frank left me in Tahiti so I was pretty sure it was Roberto but there was still something inside of me that was [thinking], ‘What if?’ and I didn’t want to tell Roberto that. The funny thing is, I actually told Roberto on our first date back in L.A. that he was the one. I sent Chris home and didn’t let him propose to me because I didn’t want to put him through that and Frank left me to go back to a girlfriend he had in Chicago but if I had known Frank wasn’t going to be around I would have told Roberto in the suite that it was going to be him…I’ve never told anybody that! See give me a few drinks and I’ll tell you anything, you are smart ladies!

Speaking of that fantasy suite, Ed Swiderski from Season 5 told us a little about what goes down. Does it get as risqué as we’d like to imagine?

I will say this much, I only got physical with one person. I think it’s pretty obvious who that was! For me, it was a little bit different. I had one guy I was really into, one guy I knew was just a friend and then the third guy left me. So would I have gotten physical with more than one guy if he would have stuck around? Probably. Are you going to get engaged with someone not knowing what they are like in bed? No!

Sidebar:  Sean is shaking his head at that revelation.

It seems like the bachelors, more so than the bachelorettes, are the ones who really try to take full advantage of those overnight dates!

Oh! There’s been some bachelors. Mike Fleiss, the creator of the show, said Bob Guiney had sex with like 16 girls or something on the show! I heard he went in the bathroom during dates to have sex with the girls. [Laughs]

Was there anyone from any of the past seasons who you think didn’t come off as they are in real life?

Courtney Robertson. She was portrayed as a complete b-tch on camera but she’s very sweet. I really love Courtney. This is the thing I tell everyone; it’s such a whirlwind, you go crazy. You’re lacking sleep a lot of times, you’re drinking. You’re fighting over the same guy! You have no music, no TV, no [books or magazines] because if you’re reading, [in the producers’ eyes] you’re not doing anything interesting. Ninety percent of women wouldn’t know how to control themselves in that situation. You go crazy!

That gossip didn't disappoint, did it?  Seriously Bob?  Sixteen?  How awkward on those group dates, right?  Well, we all know that this season's Bachelor is only using the bathroom (and possibly desk drawers) for its intended purpose.  Sean continues to explain his choice to to stop having sex and truly focus on other important aspects of a meaningful relationship.  Wetpaint reports that poor Sean just got plum tuckered out with sexy times.  I kid.  I mean, the site implies that's the reason, yes, but we all know that Sean's faith led him practice abstinence.  He says, "I got to a point where I'd lived my life, kind of the way I wanted to live it and it was just a vicious cycle that got me nowhere, so now I'm at a point where hey, I'm gonna try to live my life the right way, as I see it."  What a gentleman.

ABC knows it's found a winner in Sean, and he's getting his own special episode because of it shares the Hollywood ReporterChris Harrison will sit down with Sean for a one-hour chat on February 19th, where Sean will dish on being blinded by Tierra LiCausi while giving his insight into the other ladies.  Not shockingly, viewers will also be treated to unseen footage and a preview of the remainder of the season.  Care to take a stab at what this special will be called?  Well duh!  Sean Tells All, y'all!


[Photo Credit: ABC, Ali’s Twitter]