Last night's episode of Mob Wives was very difficult to watch.  I recapped with a lump in my throat, but it was amazing to see the people of Staten Island come together and help one another.  Instead of brawling and screaming, Karen Gravano, Ramona Rizzo, Big Ang, and Drita D'avanzo collected donations and cooked meals for shelters.  Renee Graziano completed rehab and had a break through moment with son AJ.  It was the "realest" reality I've seen from a VH1 show ever. 

The footage of the wreckage after Sandy is devastating, and the women are reacting to the carnage.  The community is pulling together to help their neighbors.  A tearful Drita is talking to her daughters while collecting items to donate.  It is heartbreaking to see actual reality happening on reality television.  Ramona and Karen are going to help their friend whose home was damaged.  Ramona realizes how fortunate she is that her house escaped any damage.

Carla goes to check on Ang who is cooking up a storm for Sandy victims.  Both Carla and Ang can't believe the destruction that Sandy brought to Staten Island.  Both of their homes are okay, but they share stories of friends and relatives who lost everything.  Ang reveals that she lost her new salon in the storm, but she doesn't care after seeing how lucky she was compared to others.  She's heading up a donation drop-off at the Drunken Monkey.  Ang explains that there are so many people willing to help that she had to find a school bus to house all of the items.


Love Majewski's home and car sustained some damage, but, like Ang, she is thankful that it was minimal compared to how other people are suffering.  Drita goes to drop off of her donations, and it's heartwrenching to see the devastation.  Drita compares it to a war zone, and she's right. 

Meanwhile, Renee is still in rehab in Florida.  Ramona calls her to tell her friend how horrible the damage is after Sandy.  Renee feels like she was removed from the situation for a reason, because she wouldn't have been able to handle it.  Karen and Ramona continue to take household items to those in needs.  Renee calls Ang and tells her that AJ will be coming to visit her in rehab.  Ang thinks it will be good for the both of them.  Ang has invited Neil to come back home.  In the wake of the tragedy, she realizes how important it is to be the people she loves.  The couple takes Ang's hot meals down to a local shelter.  It is a true testament to this community to see how everyone is coming together to help one another. 


Drita is trying to bring some sense of normalcy back to her daughters' lives…and she does that by scaring the crap out of Aleeya about her dad's OCD.  She wonders if her daughter remembers how much of a neat freak her father is…like Sleeping with the Enemy style.  Aleeya needs to pretend like she's a maid to make sure that she doesn't anger her father with a messy room or anything out of order…and he's not even moving back into the house yet!  This sounds healthy.  Drita then explains that Lee is the way he is because the Feds killed his dad when he was a young boy…can anyone blame him for choosing the lifestyle he did?  Um, yes.  Yes they can. 

Love's ex-boyfriend calls to see how she is doing after Sandy.  She lists off her exes, remembering the car thief, the robber, the home invader, and the attempted murderer.  Good times!  I guess I shouldn't be shocked that Love is wearing a sweater with pistols on it.  Joey wants to take Love to dinner, but she isn't so sure that's a good idea.  The last time Love saw him, she happened to stab him.  Oops.  Did I mention it was in front of his mother?  It's quite a dysfunctional situation to say the least.


Renee feels helpless that she isn't able to help her neighbors in Staten Island, and her anxiety is in full force.  It's times like these that the old Renee would pop a Xanax or two five.  She is determined to keep her addiction in check.  After helping her friends, Ramona is moving into her new apartment.  Karen wants to know why Ramona looks so depressed…Ramona can't admit to her friend the real reason she's being so quiet.  She hates having to hide her engagement to Joe from Karen, and she can't wait until they can announce their happiness to the world.

Drita and Love are meeting for brunch, and Drita can't get over the size of Love's tatas.  Love admits that brass knuckles fell out of bra recently and chipped her toenail.  Who are these people?  Love is sharing her stabbing story regarding Joey, and she explains how embarrassing it was that it happened in front of his mom.  Drita knows if she ever tried to stab Lee, she'd better kill him or else she'd be the dead one.  Lovely.  Love shares that Lee and Joey have a history which involved Lee hitting Joey in the face with a baseball bat.  Awkward!


AJ arrives in Miami for a family therapy session.  He really seems to have such a good head on his shoulders.  AJ has been subjected to so much as a teenager, and it's refreshing to see that he is choosing the right path for himself in spite of what he's seen.  Renee is surprised to hear that AJ knew when she was high.  She wonders why she's never had these deep talks with her son before.  Duh.  Renee's therapist reminds her that she hasn't been available to AJ for years.  She is sobbing, and AJ forgives her for letting him down in the past.  The therapist wants to make sure Renee knows that AJ is potentially opening himself up to more hurt if she doesn't change.

Ang is overwhelmed by how many donations are pouring into the Drunken Monkey.  She has a friend bringing his sanitation truck to help deliver all of the items.  Ang has also enlisted some friends from the Bronx who bring in a truckload of supplies.  Watching everyone come together certainly restores my faith in humanity. 

Renee is graduating from rehab, and her counterparts are wishing her well.  She is very emotional, and she wishes her new friends well.  Renee is both nervous and excited to be heading home to Staten Island.  Meanwhile, Carla and Big Ang head to Drita's house to hear some big news.  She shares that Lee is out of jail, and he came by to visit.  Do what?

Next week, the ladies welcome home Renee, and Carla meets RacquelKaren is shocked to learn that Lee is out of jail given their history, and Love has a vendetta against a twelve pound unnamed enemy.


[Photo Credit: VH1]

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