We all know that Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans goes through boyfriends like tissues…and then she recycles them.  I likely couldn't put together a timeline of her paramours if my life depended on it.  

Of course, each of her past loves/fiances/husbands/boyfriends all want their fifteen plus minutes of fame, and it appears that Jace's father Andrew Lewis is no exception.  Also trying to extend his notoriety is Jenelle's soon-to-be-ex-husband Courtland Rogers, although he's going about it in a way that will likely wind him up in jail.  Oh gracious!  Will these guys (and Jenelle, for that matter) ever learn?


Talking with In Touch, Andrew describes how Jenelle isn't allowing him to see his son after signing over full custody when Jace was born.  He cites Jenelle's issues with drugs and prison, telling the site, “I didn’t know how permanent it would be.  This is the right time for me to get involved.”

Andrew also claims he isn't the deadbeat dad that Jenelle accuses him of being, adding, “I contacted Barbara, I contacted Jenelle, they would never tell me anything about him.  A year ago, I contacted Barbara out of the blue. I said ‘Hey Barbara, how are you, how’s Jace? And I was thinking about coming to visit, is it okay?’ She said ‘no’, and that’s it.”

Not surprisingly, Andrew also thinks Jenelle's revolving door of boyfriends is negatively impacting his son, saying, “She’s confusing her own child.  One moment she’s with this guy, next moment she’s with that guy, next moment she’s with this guy. You’re confusing your own son. Why would you want to do that?”

Unfortunately, we all know that Andrew isn't the angel he's trying to portray.  As you all recall, Jenelle told Dr. Drew on the reunion, "Andrew's an abusive alcoholic. Andrew even admitted on camera how he used to abuse me while he was drunk," to which Andrew replied, “I don't care. That was the past. I already done that. That's over with."

Jenelle is dealing with more than one boy drama at a time.  You're shocked, I'm sure!  According to Starcasm, Courtland didn't show up for his scheduled court appearance for the assault charges filed against him by Jenelle.  According to a Brunswick County court official, “Mr. Rogers did not appear in court. He has not yet been served with the papers from the charges that were filed by Jenelle and there are warrants out for his arrest.” 

Another source close to the couple explains, “Jenelle wants him to man up and show up in court.  She thinks he’s on the run, and that he’s never to go face the charges. She is so mad at him right now.”

If that isn't bad enough, Courtland is in arrears on his child support, so yet another ex is planning her day in court.  The insider reveals, “Courtland has had a year to pay the child support for his daughter, JaJa, but he doesn’t have a job.  His dad has been paying it but he is going to stop now and Taylor is going to have to go to court to get him to pay up!”

In light of the news, Jenelle recently posted on her official Facebook page, "Just got a call.. the law is looking for Courtland Keith Rogers. Charged with 4 Counts of Assault on a Female and Battery of an Unborn Child. If you know of his where-abouts please call Brunswick County Sheriffs Department. Thank u, I’m sick of him harassing me."

Good grief, this girl has a penchant for drama!  I'm exhausted just writing about it!


[Photo Credit: Twitter]

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