I'll be honest, it's still a little weird for me to see the majority of the ladies on Mob Wives actually being nice to one another.  It's almost got me wondering when the other shoe is going to drop!  Case in point?  Drita D'avanzo and Karen Gravano not only went out for drinks, but they shared a spa day instead of a smackdown!  Big Ang is typically drama-free, but Ramona Rizzo showed her softer side, and Renee Graziano is working on a more positive life.  Carla Facciolo did get a bit confrontational with her ex while meeting his new girlfriend, and Love Majewski talked a lot about stabbing people, so I guess some old habits do die hard.  

Last night's episode begins as a shocked Drita is telling Big Ang and Carla that Lee is now out of jail.  She is giddy like a school girl talking about what she fed Lee when she first saw him.  Gag.  Drita wants advice from Carla and Ang about what she should do when Lee is finished with the halfway house.

Karen, Love, and Ramona are hitting up a charity art event, and Ramona shares with Karen that Lee is free.  Karen wishes him the best and is glad that his girls will have their father back, but as far as she's concerned, she wants nothing to do with him.  She's finally at a good place with Drita, and the women wonder if Drita will take him back after his stint in the halfway house.

Renee has returned from rehab, and she's excited to talk to Drita and learn that Lee is home.  She wants to get all of the ladies together to celebrate her new lease on life.


In her studio, Karen is enjoying learning the music business…and enjoying her business partner Storm.  The art of subtlety is clearly lost on Karen as she shamelessly flirts with the poor guy.  She tells him how lonely she is in New York, and how she hasn't been on a date in ages.  Short of stripping off her clothes, he gets the message loud and clear that she is very interested in seeing him in her bedroom.



Having a newfound love for bowling that she acquired in rehab, Renee is planning a girls' get together at the bowling alley.  All of the women are happy to see Renee doing so well, and Renee is thrilled to see that all of the women are getting along…well, everyone but her and Carla, that is. Ang may not want to join a bowling league any time soon.  Gracious!

Ang has allowed Neil back into the house, but she needs him to be eye candy.  She takes him to the salon to get a new style.  Ang reminds Neil that she's the boss, but she promises him he'll get lucky more often if he keeps up his new look.

Renee has organized a spa day for her, Drita, Karen, and Ramona.  Drita and Karen are the first to arrive, and it's a tad awkward for them getting a couple's massage given that this time last year they wanted to bash each other's skulls.  Karen shares that her daughter's father has moved on and has a new girlfriend, while Drita talks about Lee's release.  Neither Ramona nor Renee show up for spa day because they want to walk around Little Italy.  They are both feeling down because Renee's father went to jail around Thanksgiving, Ramona's grandfather died on Thanksgiving.  Ramona wants to do a small service to commemorate her grandfather's memory.



Ang and Carla are shopping for light fixtures, and Carla has lots of questions about her upcoming divorce.  Ang advises her friend to play hardball, and Carla wants to push for full custody.  She explains that she hasn't met Joe's new girlfriend, and Ang tells her that she needs to know who her kids are spending time with when they stay with their dad.  Later that night, Neil is cooking a romantic meal for Ang, but he keeps setting off the smoke detectors.  She definitely appreciates the effort.  The pair is a lot of fun to watch.  Neil is precious.

Ramona is planning a church service to celebrate her grandfather's life.  She wants him to be remembered with dignity for the good things he did.   Karen, Love, Renee, and Ang are there to support their friend.  The women talk about outsiders not understanding how their families can celebrate people who did such bad things.  They are correct…I don't get it.  I understand loving your family members and forgiveness, but I don't get them glamorizing their lifestyle.

Carla has requested a meeting with Joe so she can be introduced to Raquel, and she starts out immediately on the defensive.  Joe tries to explain that he would never date someone his kids didn't like because his kids come first.  He waited several month before introducing them to Raquel.  Poor Raquel just keeps her mouth shut, only really speaking to compliment Carla on her children.  Joe and Carla keep cutting down the other, but it could have gone much worse.  Carla even jokes about Raquel and Joe getting married.



Love, Drita, and Karen are meeting for drinks.  It's refreshing to see the ladies actually getting along…until Love starts going off on Carla.  Drita is so ready not to be in the middle of her friend's drama.  Love threatens to break every bone in Carla's body, and Drita begs her not to fight.  Drita tries to defend her friend, but she really doesn't want to get involved.  Man, Love certainly likes to talk about stabbing people, doesn't she?

Next week, Karen goes out on a date with Storm, and Ramona announces her engagement.  She's hurt that Karen isn't being supportive of her plans to get married.


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