Mob Wives Recap: Love Is In The Air!


Love was in the air on last night's Mob Wives, and I don't mean Love Majewski!  Drita D'avanzo was thrilled to have her husband out of jail, and Karen Gravano tested the waters on a date with Storm.  The biggest announcement came in the form of Ramona Rizzo's engagement!  Big Ang was once again the voice of reason, and there was still no love lost between Renee Grazziano and Carla Facciolo!

Renee and Drita are meeting for lunch, and Renee is overjoyed to hear how happy her friend is now that Lee has been released to the halfway house.  Drita admits that she and her husband are a lot like teenagers in love.  She's willing to forgive Lee for his affair in an attempt to work on their relationship.  Has Renee had more surgery since the last episode?  Her right eyebrow is raised in a constant state of speculation.  It's a tad creepy and distractions.  Renee reveals that she shared her struggles with addiction with her father.  She still craves a cocktail and some pills, but she's coming to terms with the fact that her recovery will be a day-by-day process.

Carla stops by the Drunken Monkey to tell Big Ang about her successful meeting with Raquel and Joe.  Ang wants to have a holiday party for all the girls, and Carla is wary of the guest list, given that she's only getting along with Ang and Drita.  Carla will attend to support Ang, but it's going to be uncomfortable.  She is willing to be cordial, but she knows the other women aren't going to speak to her.  Ang is sad that her friend is on the outs with all of her other friends.  Carla can't understand why Love has such a problem with her, especially given the fact that the two have never met.  Additionally, Carla hopes that Renee will civil with her given their recent butter knife altercation.  Ang explains that Renee is a different person since going to rehab, and she's more about being happy than creating drama.  Carla hopes that Ang is right about Renee, and she hopes all of the other ladies follow suit.  Good luck with that!


Karen and Love are going food shopping at a local Italian grocery.  Karen shares her plans to go to Arizona to confront Dave and tell him her feelings.  She's hurt that he was so nonchalant about having a new girlfriend, and she needs to close the chapter on their relationship.  Love can't believe how calm Karen is about the situation.  If it were her, she'd kill Dave AND his girlfriend and bury them both under a cactus.  Thankfully, Karen is opting to take the high road for the sake of their daughter Karina.  Karen then gets a phone call from Barry White, I mean, Storm, whose deep voice is wooing Karen right there in the grocery store.  She flirts with him about cooking, and they make plans for a dinner.  Karen is confused as to whether it's a date or a business meeting.


Drita and Ang are going to pick up the new rims for her car tires.  They are personalized with Lee's nickname for her, which is Lady Boss.  Drita is grateful to Lee for giving her the world when they got married.  She came from nothing, and he showered her with gifts…not because she asked for them, but because he wanted to do it.  Now, the tables are turned, and Lee has nothing.  Drita wants to return the favor.  She has decided to get him a car, and she's also getting new boobs for him because she has a slightly "jacked" implant.  God only knows…Ang teases Drita about getting pregnant, but it's not going to happen anytime soon since they aren't having sex.  The halfway house has strict rules about visitors, and Lee can only be at work or at the house.  Ang recommends that Drita go to the funeral home where Lee is working and get wild with him in the bathroom.  Drita is too freaked out by the idea of ghosts.

It's date night for Storm and Karen, and she has lost her voice.  She's able to clarify that this dinner is for pleasure, and Storm feels that they can be successful business partners and still have fun together if they keep the business with the business and the pleasure with the pleasure.  He seems to be very good at "the pleasure" because he tells Karen that he's "playing the field like Derek Jeter."  The two then get into a terrible sexually charged conversation about baseball.  Finally they are talking about their kids and giggling about what a good time they are having together.


Ramona heads to the bank to get her safety deposit box.  She wants to retrieve her engagement ring now that isn't worried the feds are going to come take it from her.  Ramona leaves Karen a message inviting her over that evening so she can share her engagement news.  She's super happy to have connected with Joe…even though he's currently in prison.  Ramona knows that her best friend is going to be super happy to hear her secret.  At her apartment, Ramona tries on her giant diamond ring.  When Karen arrives, Ramona offers her friend a drink and informs her that Joe may make bail for a week, although I'm confused as to why he'll only get to be out a week.  Something about armed guards being expensive, but I'm not quite sure how a one week bail works.  She squeezes in the fact that the two will wed during that week, and she totally gets Karen's attention. 

Ramona puts back on the ring, and Karen isn't giving her the reaction for which she'd hoped.  Karen can't believe that her friend is considering marrying a guy who is facing ten plus years in prison.  She thinks Ramona is thinking about white picket fences and happily ever after when she should be focused on parole hearings and only seeing her husband through a glass partition for the next decade.  Ramona is livid.  Why must Karen tell her things she doesn't want to hear?  Karen has been there…she waited on Dave for ten years while he was in the slammer.  Ramona gets mad and accuses Karen of not being happy for her because the tables are turning.  Karen lays the smack down (and she really is making some very valid points), telling Ramona she needs to face the reality of what it will be like to be married to someone who is incarcerated. 


Love is talking to one of her ex-boyfriends on the phone.  It's nice that all her fomer loves still want to be her friend even though she's stabbed most of them.  Love tells him that she'd be happy to commit to him fully despite the fact that she's been engaged at least twice since the last time they saw one another.  Unfortunately, the two love birds are on opposite coasts, with her in New York City and him in Las Vegas (which is on the coast of…the desert?  Let's get Love some geography lessons!).  She isn't willing to move. 

Ramona has invited some of the girls to come to her friend's home for some PETA friendly shopping.  Her friend designs fur coats, hats, and leather bags.  Renee arrives first, followed by Ang and Karen.  Ramona wants to announce her engagement at the gathering, and she hopes that Karen will keep her negativity to a minimum.  Of course, the two can't stop being snippy to one another.  Renee is talking to the extras at the party about men's loyalty and what it was like being with a man while he was incarcerated.  Well, what a co-inky-dink!  Karen sees her "in" and asks Renee what she got out of that relationship (um, duh!  Didn't she watch last season?).  Ramona interrupts, and she and Karen start verbally sparring.  Renee interjects that if a woman loves her jailbird, she'll be loyal, but if she loves herself, she'll realize she deserves better than a jailbird.  Ramona feels like the conversation is very pointed, and she suspects that Karen has told Renee her news.  She accuses Renee of hearing something from Karen, and Renee swears on AJ's life that she has no clue what Ramona is talking about…although that may be a tad extreme. 

To squash the confusion felt by Ang and the extras, Ramona reveals that she planned to marry her boyfriend before he was sent to prison.  She tells the women that they plan to wed when he makes bail.  What?  Renee appears totally shocked by this revelation, and Ramona realizes that Karen didn't spill the beans.  Renee thinks this is great news, and she wants to celebrate.  Ang isn't quite on board, although she would never say anything to Ramona.  Karen wonders if all of these well-wishers are crazy.  She tells Ramona that she's too busy planning a wedding to think about how the actual marriage will affect her and her children.  Ang interjects that Karen is making a lot of sense.  Renee defends Ramona's decision, and Karen challenges Ramona to show off her ring.  Karen wonders why Ramona wouldn't be wearing her ring if she was so proud to be engaged to a guy in prison.  Ramona puts on the doorknob, and Renee thinks she should get married.  Ang advises her just to have a very long engagement.  Karen decides it's a losing battle, so she toasts her friend and chooses to be supportive…for now, at least.


Ang is getting excited about her holiday dinner, and Renee calls to say that she won't be attending.  In her recovery, Renee doesn't want to put herself in situations where she feels uncomfortable.  Renee just can't forgive Carla.  Ang answers the other line, and Love is sick so she won't be coming to dinner.  Ang can't believe that she's down two attendees in as many minutes.

Next week, Drita tells Carla what she would have done had the butter knife been pointed in her direction, and Karen heads off to Arizona to confront DaveRenee is in the market for an attack dog, and Karen wants to spring her father from the slammer.


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