Drunk Drawn’s Best Bravo Artwork

Drunk Drawn's best Bravo art.
Photo Credit: @drunkdrawn via Instagram

Sometimes, art just speaks to you. Whether it be Monet, Banksy, Sargent, or Drunk Drawn, art is always subjective, either loved or hated by viewers. But if you are a Bravo fanatic, odds are good you’ve stumbled upon Drunk Drawn’s “Eyeconic and slightly deranged” pieces.

Something about these pieces reminds me of MAG Magazine, thanks to its character selfies. Even though some posts may be a bit over the top for fans, they are pretty spot-on. The fearlessness of each post helps to remind us that it is okay to laugh at some of the stars for their choice of wardrobe or facial expressions. A part of me wishes I could get to Bravo just to get a place on Drunk Drawn’s grid. But I’d remember to check my face! 

And now, it gives me great pleasure to invite you to meet artist Ryan Casey and Drunk Drawn’s best Bravo artwork.

Brittany’s mamaws

In honor of the season finale of The Valley Drunk Drawn put together a little collage of some of the best moments. Personally, I was obsessed with Zack Wickham’s “Lego hair,” and the artist did it justice with the rendition. He also did our Kentucky Muffin dirty by giving her a shrinking head amidst her gigantic boobs. But, again, his proportions were not exactly wrong. Whoever said D cups were the way to go so misled her. 

Lala is the Rachel 

Luckily Drunk Drawn isn’t afraid of the big bad wolf that is Lala Kent. All season, Lala has been playing the fence but during the Vanderpump Rules season finale, followers finally had enough as she tried to gaslight Ariana Madix. The artist took Lala’s black confessional look with her slicked side bang as he engorged her lips. Looking at the pictures side by side, it is hard to guess who the real muse is. So, will the real Lala please stand up? As one follower wrote, “Drunk Drawn is just doing the lord’s work.”

The snack that smiles back

Carl Radke has not had the best season on Summer House, as cameras caught him dumping Lindsay Hubbard during their Labor Day breakup. However, that hasn’t stopped Carl from hooking up a few promotional deals. Carl recently posted an ad for Goldfish, but all fans could see were his mega-white new teeth. Once again, the artist took a bit of liberty with their drawing, showing Carl at his finest.

No juice for you

Talking about Lindsay, Drunk Drawn’s rendition of the Summer House star talking about how unattracted she had become to Carl was pretty amazing. Not only did the artist portray the blonde pretty well, he didn’t forget her chunky highlight or full lips.

I have a confession

My last pick would have to be Drunk Drawn’s rendition of Real Housewives of New Jersey’s confessional looks. The artist didn’t hold back as he targeted OGs like Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice. Tre looks like a cross between herself and Big Ang from Mob Wives. The slicked-back high ponytail does nothing for her as the caption reads, “I gave birth on the show. I went to prison on the show, I got divorced on the show. I got married on the show, I buried my parents on the show.” 

Next up was Missy G, who was basically portrayed like a raccoon. The caricature has me thinking, “Didn’t the smokey eye go the way of the Dodo?” Sadly, the mother of three did not get that memo. But poor Rachel Fuda had her really bad nose job pointed out along with her cheetah-print dress. I know it might be wrong to admit, but is it bad I loved all of these paintings!?

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