When it comes to the ladies of Mob Wives, they are certainly getting tamer as the weeks go by.  Sure, Love Majewski talks a good game, but have we really seen her stab anyone?  Nope.  With Drita D'avanzo, Ramona Rizzo, and Karen Gravano being all buddy/buddy, there isn't much drama.  Carla Facciolo is still on Renee Graziano's list, but she's getting better at removing herself from toxic situations.  At least Big Ang is always consistent!

Speaking of, last night's episode starts as Big Ang is prepping for her Christmas party.  Even without Renee and Love, she knows things are going to be jolly!  Drita arrives and is floored by Ang's hot pink and silver tree.  Ang fills her in on Ramona's engagement, and Drita can't believe that Ramona is considering getting married to someone who could be spending decades behind bars.  She wouldn't wish that fate on her worst enemy…and her worst enemy used to be Ramona!  Karen is the next guest to show up, decked in a feather boa and a Santa hat.  Ramona arrives next.  Drita is glad to know that Love won't be in attendance because of her issues with Carla.  
When Karen learns that Renee isn't ready to be around Carla, she is excited.  Karen was only ever nice to Carla because she was Renee's friend.  Ang teases Carla for being late, and Karen and Ramona give her the cold shoulder.  The tension is awkward, and Karen breaks the ice by telling Carla that Renee isn't there because of her.  She is being double teamed by Karen and Ramona, and Ang doesn't think it's any of their business.  Carla wants to know why everyone has such an issue with the butter knife…it's not like she was wielding a machete.  When Karen asks Drita's opinion, Drita says that if anyone waved a knife at her, she'd shove it where the sun don't shine.  Ramona loves Drita's response.
Ramona and Karen are heading to Arizona to surprise Dave.  Ramona is hyping up her friend in hopes of making her go ballistic.  Karen wants to remain calm, but Ramona wants to know what Karen will do if she walks into her house and finds Dave in her bed with another woman.  Despite her best efforts, Karen starts to get heated.  Ramona isn't Dave's biggest fan, and she wants Karen to be prepared to stick it to him.
Drita, Love, and Ang are accompanying Renee on a surprise road trip.  Renee is paranoid (although she claims she's just being safe).  She has her security system in place, and she's finally able to sleep in her bed and not on her sofa.  Renee reveals that she's going to get an attack dog.  Love explains that she doesn't need an attack dog because she is an attack dog.  Drita is worried the attack dog will need Xanax to put up with Renee's high strung behavior.  Upon learning that most attack dogs are retired police dogs, Renee feels like a snitch for buying a dog that used to work for law enforcement.
Karen and Ramona are snooping through the Arizona house.  All of her stuff is there (including her dog), but there is no sign of Dave…no clothes, no toiletries, no cable.  Karen gets mad when she realizes that she's paying bills when he clearly doesn't live there.  Meanwhile, back on the East Coast, the women are taking a three hour drive to hillbilly land to find the perfect pet for Renee.  Love hopes that Renee isn't taking them out into the woods to whack them.  
In Arizona, Karina comes by, and Karen questions her about Dave.  Karen doesn't want her daughter to ever feel like she's in the middle of her and Dave.  Of course, Karen does everything in her power to put Karina in the middle.  She gets very upset to learn that Karina shares her day with Dave's girlfriend Rebecca.  Karina cops a bit of an attitude with her mother, and Karen is angry and in tears.  In the midst of the drama, Dave arrives.
The ladies finally arrive at the kennel.  Watching the dog demos, Drita is terrified.  Renee wants a dog that will go in for the kill.  Love loves animal aggression.  Renee wants a dog that will be able to protect her from even the craziest armed intruder, but the owner of the kennel reminds Renee that even attack dogs aren't bulletproof.  She starts to reconsider her desire for the pooch when she learns that attack dogs start at $15,000.  I'm in the wrong business!
Dave greets Ramona, Karina, and Karen.  He wants to know why Karen is crying.  Dave admits that he is living with Rebecca, and he just stopped by to take care of the dog.  Karen is rightfully livid that she's been paying a mortgage on a home that only houses a dog.  He tells her to rent out the house.  Karen isn't a fan of his aloof attitude.  He can't help it, prison made him the way he is.  She's screaming, and she wants to meet Rebecca.  All of her anger makes it clear that she still has feelings for Dave.  After eavesdropping, Ramona thinks that Dave is perfect for Karen.  She's always disliked him, but now that he's working out and smelling good, Ramona thinks they are a good match.
Drita takes Carla to see her new make-up store.  They discuss Lee's release, and how different their relationship will be now as opposed to when they first got together.  She isn't financially dependent on him anymore.  Carla is impressed with the space, and Drita explains that Ang's brother is doing the renovation.  She reveals that she sold her engagement ring to start the business.
Karen takes Ramona on a tour of post-witness protection program Arizona.  She talks fondly about her father's legitimate pool business and people putting hits out on him.  Back in the day, Karen, Dave, and her brother got involved in an Ecstasy drug ring.  Her father took the rap for them to lessen the sentences of Dave and Karen's brother even though he had nothing to do with it.  Karen carries a lot of guilt for her bad decisions.  
Drita and Ang are going out with Carla for her birthday.  What in the world is Carla wearing?  Lady Gaga called.  She wants her look back.  Drita hopes that Carla knows she's there for her even though she sided with Karen and Renee regarding the butter knife.  Carla chats about her long-time boyfriend (where did he come from?), and we learn that Carla's ex Joe's dad delivered Drita's daughter.  Drita is happy to see her friend in such a good place.  
Karen meets with her younger brother at a remote location to talk about their father.  She is paranoid and doesn't want just anyone to hear what they will be discussing…except for VH1's camera crew.  Her brother has a plan to get their father out of jail, and he's got all the paperwork they will need to file an appeal.  He gives Karen the key to his storage unit so she and Ramona can go search through all of his documentation.  An ominous helicopter flies overhead, and Karen takes it as a sign.
Next week, Renee takes a self-defense class to help get out her aggression.  Ramona thinks that Karen needs to get over her father's incarceration.  Love and Carla's feud is escalating even though they've never met.  Karen meets Dave's girlfriend.




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