Love & Hip Hop Recap: Video Killed The Radio Star


Is it just me, or do y'all also need a flow chart to keep up with the cast of VH1's Love & Hip Hop?  I can't even think of a proper introduction because there are so many people in and out of this show!  Last night's episode was no exception.

Welcome back, Olivia LongottRich Dollaz is happy to reunite with his friend so she can tell him "I told you so."  He's ready to oblige when it comes to his relationship with Erica Mena.  Liv is quick to call him out as a giant douchebag.  She's got his number for sure.  Rich apologizes and promises to be focused on her career.  He tells her about the ballad that he gave Erica, and Olivia pressures him to give her the song.  Rich caves, even though he knows it will hurt Erica to no end when she finds out Liv is singing her ballad.

Tahiry Jose is going to a mixology class hosted by Rashidah AliJen Bayer is also in attendance.  Rashidah has a lot of insight into ladies shoes.  She reveals that Raqi Thunda has made her way onto a list of up and coming women in the industry.  Rashidah wonders who she slept with to get on this list.  Tahiry and Rashidah are surprised to learn that Jen is no longer on Raqi's love train, and Jen tells them about what Raqi said about Consequence.  Jen also shares that Raqi had choice words for Rashidah, and Rashidah intends to address her gossip when the time presents itself.


Cons is a new fan of Lore'l's rapping, and he invites her into the studio to lay down a track.  Lore'l is excited to work with Cons, but she's offended by a line he wrote about her being "light-skinned, the right skinned."  Even though she has a lighter skin tone, she finds the line offensive to ladies of all skin colors.  I have to appreciate Lore'l for standing up for something, although we're only seven minutes into the show so her stance could totally change.

Mendeecees Harris picks up Yandy Smith for a date night.  She's excited, but her heated conversation with Rashindah at the shoe launch has her a tad bothered.  Yandy is tired of his past bad decisions haunting her.  Mendeecees can't help that he left ladies heartbroken, he wants to focus on the future…they need to have a precious baby girl.  Yandy isn't entertaining the idea of any more babies until everyone in their family shares the same last name.  Mendeecees has a lot of growing up to do, that's for sure!

Rich is feeling guilty about kicking Erica to the curb, and he wants his mom's advice.  He meets Mama Jewel for dinner, and he explains that Olivia wants Erica's record.  While Jewel isn't Erica's biggest fan, she doesn't think that her son should pull the record out from under Erica.  Liv has plenty of opportunity while Erica just has this song.  Jewel then brings out a laundry list of dirty gossip regarding Rich and Erica that she's garnered from some blogs.  Jewel thinks that Erica is liability, but Rich needs to give her this record and send her on her way.


Rashidah is hosting a women's event at her friend's home, and she decides to approach Raqi about the rumors she's heard that Raqi is spreading.  Raqi is happy to indulge the Ronald McDonald Hamburgular.  Rashidah starts the conversation rather calmly, but Raqi comes out guns blazing.  So much for this classy charity event!  They start accusing the other of sleeping with multiple people.  If this chat was a drinking game and I had to take a shot every time one of them said "whore" I'd be under the table right now.

Tahiry's producer isn't thrilled to hear that she played his record for Joe Budden and offered him a spot on her track.  She now realizes that she doesn't need Joe's help to boost her music career.  Tahiry is excited to move forward sans Joe.

Lore'l is seeking Raqi's advice about Cons' lyric.  Raqi thinks that Cons is every bit as racist as his girlfriend Jen.  Once again, Raqi exaggerates her beef with "white" Jen, and she advises Lore'l to tread lightly when it comes to raps that could be percieved as racist.  Lore'l decides to stick to her guns and discuss the line with Cons again.

Tahiry and Rashidah are having a girls' day so they can catch up with one another.  They talk smack about Raqi at the salon.  Tahiry thinks that Raqi is just terribly jealous.  The ladies think she'd be a great tax write-off if she'd let them give her a make-over.  The girls change the subject, and Tahiry is excited that her mother is coming to town.  She can't wait to share her big news with her mom.  Tahiry also reveals that Joe was quick to cancel on her track and invite her to do a threesome.  He's not on her radar anymore. 

Yandy and Erica are meeting for cupcakes.  Erica wants to pick Yandy's brain about how to appease Rich.  She shares her "version" of events, and Yandy's eyebrows are speaking volumes.  Erica giggles when she shares that she took a booking without Rich's knowledge and he didn't get his managerial cut.  Yandy thinks that Erica isn't being trustworthy, and she understands why Rich had such an issue with her behavior. Erica wants to fix both her personal and professional relationship with Rich.



At the studio, Tahiry is working on the video for her single.  The budget must be super tight on this shoot.  It seems to involve a male model, some lycra pants, a studded vest, an office chair, some stripper heels, and rope.  High dollar stuff, y'all.  Joe decides he needs to be more supportive of his ex, so he decides to crash her video shoot.  Manipulative much, Professor Budden?  After all, the song is about him, so shouldn't he be involved?  Joe is happy to help her with anything she needs.  Bless him. 

Lore'l needs to tell Cons that she just can't rap his "light-skinned" line.  They meet up to discuss the lyrics, and she lays out her concerns.  Consequences is VIP, and he won't change lines for anyone.  He doesn't care what people think, and he's trying to incite controversy.  Isn't that the point of rap?  If Lore'l is so worried about it, he's already done exactly what he wanted–gotten people thinking.  She isn't willing to compromise her values, so they decide not to collaborate.


Rich doesn't want the record he bought for Erica to go to waste, so he's decided to give it to Liv.  Jewel won't be happy to hear this news!  Olivia is working on it in the studio, and who should arrive but Erica.  Funny how that works, VH1!  It takes a few moments of Erica chomping on her gum for her to realize what song she's hearing.  She quickly calls Liv "a thing," and Olivia excuses herself so the pair can spar.  Rich believes that Erica is more shocked to see that he followed through with his promise than she is hurt that Liv is singing her ballad.  Erica feels betrayed.  Doesn't Rich understand that it's crap like this that causes her to have trust issues?  Rich equates her to the girl who cried wolf.  She doesn't seem to get what Rich actually does for his job.  All he wants is a contract, and I can't say I blame him.  Erica's waterworks are slightly convincing, but she doesn't give him any credit. 


Next week, Raqi cries to Yandy about her reputation, and Tahiry tries to mend fences with her estranged father.  Erica tries to seduce Rich, but she gets an earful for Mama JewelMendeecees decides to make an honest woman out of Yandy. 


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