Love & Hip Hop Recap: Spreading The Love


Should I be concerned that Love & Hip Hop is going soft of me?  Last night's episode was a veritable love fest with friendship, mended fences, and a long-awaited engagement.  What happened to the screaming and hair pulling and drink throwing?  Not that I'm complaining, it's just a foreign concept.

We begin as a frazzled Erica Mena meets with Yandy Smith to share that Olivia Longott is recording her ballad thanks to Rich Dollaz.  She can't believe that her ex-boyfriend would use that against her.  Yandy asks about what Erica wants to do with management.  Erica still wants to ignore the fact having a manager is important for her career.  Yandy reminds her that Rich was the only person in her corner…Erica needs Rich more than he needs her. 

Tahiry Jose's mom is in town and loves seeing her daughter's rap magazine centerfold.  Tahiry is excited that she and her mother finally have an adult friendship after a tense childhood.  They discuss their past, including how her father juggled his twelve kids before being deported.  Her trust issues do seem to come honestly, that's for sure.  The duo is crying over her father's indiscretions, and Tahiry thinks that many of her past issues have contributed to her problems with Joe Budden.  Her mother encourages Tahiry to talk things out with her dad.


Raqi Thunda is hosting Yandy and Lore'l for dinner.  She tells her friends about her recent argument with Rashidah Ali who she compares to shoe salesman Al Bundy.  The women wonder why Rashidah is so quick to cause problems, but the voice of reason (aka Yandy, who knew?) reminds Raqi that she's been quick to indulge in the drama.  That statement hits home with Raqi, and Lore'l tells Raqi that she needs to channel the energy into hustling for her career.  Did Raqi steal her pants from MC Hammer?  They are too legit, too legit to quit…sagging, that is.

Mendeecees Harris is meeting with his artist Vado, and he's sharing his love for Yandy.  He's managed to get a girl who is way out of his league, and his luck isn't lost on him.  Mendeecees wants to do right by Yandy, but she can't seem to see that.  Vado urges his friend to get on Yandy's mom's good side…that will clearly seal the deal.  Mendeecees needs to explain his love for Yandy to her mom in order to make things right in his relationship.

Speaking of getting in good with the moms, Erica has realized that she needs Rich to be her manager.  She decides to talk to Rich's Mama Jewel to get some advice as to how to proceed.  Jewel shoots it straight…she isn't keen on Erica's disrespect for her son which shows when Erica isn't willing to sign a contract.  Jewel isn't giving Erica any leeway, and I love her for it.  Erica has a lot to prove as far as Rich's mother is concerned.

Trying to get her radio show on track, Raqi goes to her friend to solidify her show without Jen Bayer as her sidekick.  He is quick to tell her that he knows all of her beef with Consequence, Joe, and others.  Doesn't she realize that she's the common denominator?  She's already lost two big players in the hip hop game who could have potentially helped her out with this gig.  Raqi can't bury the hatchet when it comes to her haters, but that's all the executive wants to see…he'd be on board for a radio show of eating crow.


Not necessarily taking Jewel's advice, Erica shows up at Rich's apartment wearing a trenchcoat and little more.  They chat about her hurt feelings while lounging on his bed.  The couple admits that they both purposely hurt one another.  Erica admits that she appreciates all that Rich has done for her, but more importantly, she misses him as her boyfriend.  She's in lurve, y'all.  The coat comes off, and VH1 needs to get the memo that we don't want to see lingerie and staged sex scenes.  Am I right?

Mendeecees has planned a family day which includes Yandy's mom.  The sentiment isn't lost on Yandy.  He pulls her mother aside to share his feelings, and Yandy's mom is receptive when Mendeecees asks for Yandy's hand in marriage.  She only asks that Mendeecees makes more of an effort to get to know her.  He agrees, but he's intimidated by how frequently the family goes to church and how close knit Yandy's family relationships are.  Yandy's mom reminds him that she isn't all that removed from his lifestyle, but she needs to know that Mendeecees is in for the long haul…she wants to know he'll still be around when her daughter is old and losing her hair.  It's actually cute to see their exchange.  Almost immediately, we're treated to Mendeecees shopping for engagement rings.  He picks out a weapon/doorknob for his boo.  Geez, that ring would double as a coffee table!

In an effort to mend fences, Raqi heads into the studio to work out things with Joe.  He's apprehensive, and she acts like nothing ever happened between them.  She explains to him that she's making an effort to get over personal hurdles to prove she can be professional.  He doesn't trust her as far as he can throw her, and he requests an apology for Tahiry.  Joe will only move forward with Raqi professionally when she can make amends with his ex.


Olivia is meeting up with her friend Tiffany…who also happens to be one of Rich's ex-girlfriends.  Tiffany requested the sit-down, and she admits that she's still in love with Rich and wants Olivia's help in moving forward with him.  Rich has enlisted Tiffany to spy on Erica at every turn and report back to him.  This is twisted.  Erica believes that Tiffany is her closest friend, and Tiffany is starting to feel guilty about sharing all of Erica's dirty secrets with Rich.  Olivia warns Tiffany that Rich won't be settling down with anyone any time soon.  Tiffany begs to differ.

Joe is ready to support Tahiry at a charity event which could send her to the Dominican Republic to see her father.  He wants to go with her to the DR so he can be there when she confronts her dad.  Joe thinks that he knows Tahiry better than anyone, and he needs to be with her when she makes such a big step in her life.  No matter what she says, Tahiry's love for Joe is written all over her face.

Mendeecees and Yandy are looking for houses, and he's nervous about the prospect of proposing.  A home and a ring and a boyfriend acquitted of sex charges all in the same day?  Mendeecees gives a speech about jail and having kids making him a better person for Yandy.  A teary Yandy is appreciative of Mendeecees' efforts to find a family home, but she wants a bigger commitment in place.  He claims he wants to take things one step at a time…she doesn't need an engagement just yet.  Playing it smooth, that Mendeecees.  Of course, he surprises his lady love by taking her on a tour of the master bedroom which is littered with rose petals and candles.  He gets down on one knee and proposes…without subtitles.  How sweet!  She love her ice skating rink ring. 


Next week, Raqi's apology to Tahiry turns into a blow up, and Tiffany confesses her love to RichJoe tells his girlfriend that he may still be in love with Tahiry, and Yandy gets the shock of her life when federal agents start to investigate a now cleared Mendeecees in charges of child molestation.  It's weird that VH1 is happy to air this now that he's been cleared, yet when the trial was going on the show didn't always air when planned. 


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