Married To Medicine Recap: The Queen Bee Works Her Magic


Last week on Married to Medicine, a lot of feathers were ruffled when Quad Webb-Lunceford and Kari Wells repeatedly circled the cuckoo's nest verbally attacked one another. Taking the feud to the next level, Kari uninvited Quad from an upcoming party that she's throwing with Quad's BFF Mariah Huq. Needless to say, Mariah takes issue with Kari's sneaky move, and we get to see the fall out from that this week. 

Tension runs thick while Mariah and Kari shop for wine for the party. The issue with Quad aside, Mariah slowly loses her patience with Kari, who she thinks is acting like a know-it-all wine snob. When Mariah dislikes one of the heavier wines, Kari jokes that Mariah only likes Château Le Douche from the Massengill Valley. Mariah fails to find the humor in Kari's wisecrack, adding, "She thinks I'm a fool!" 

Mariah finally confronts Kari about uninviting Quad from the party when there's a mention of the party's guest list. Kari stands her ground; she doesn't want Quad's drama in her home. When Mariah asks Kari why she's so upset, Kari reminds her that Quad ridiculed and slandered her in front an entire group of doctors and doctor's wives. To the camera, Mariah admits, she feels as if Kari deserved what she got because she never gave Quad a chance. But, at the same time, Quad needs to reign in the over-the-top drama. 



Mariah asks Kari if Quad really makes her feel that uncomfortable. Kari insists she really wants to like her and truly wants her to feel welcome in their elite little circle, Mariah calls her a liar. Kari responds, "I hear your opinion and respect some of what you say," which prompts Mariah to chant, "Liar, liar, pants on fire!" When Kari implies that Mariah is angry, Mariah is like, Oh no. I'm not angry. I just speak in childish chants with authority.  Mariah comes to the conclusion that her friendship with Kari has come to a  halt and even goes as far as to suggest they should call off the party. 

Meanwhile, Dr. Jackie Walters is planning a luncheon for her patients who have had breast cancer or are currently fighting against breast cancer, and she is meeting with her office manager to go over the final details. Jacki is dismayed to learn that there have been a few issues with items in the gift bags. She nixes the sunscreen (cancer patients tend to avoid the sun) and the shampoo (could be hurtful to the patients who had lost their hair) but approves the vaginal moisturizer, saying, "If they're taking certain [drying] medicines, they're little juicy loosey won't have a hurt." 

Now that Mariah and Kari have agreed to cancel the party or, at the very least, their collaboration, Kari writes Mariah a check to cover her part. The insults fly all over the place while Kari writes the check. When Mariah jokes that it might bounce on her, Kari calls her low class. Honey, this doesn't sit well with the queen bee, who says there's a definite problem if Kari thinks she's at the top of the friendship hierarchy. In the end, maturity gets the best of them, and they manage to talk about the situation like rational adults. Mariah admits that she thinks Kari and Quad are both in the wrong, and the friends agree to communicate better in the future. The party is back on; however, Kari and Quad still need to settle their differences. Mariah agrees to mediate a lunch date, saying, "I'm the queen bee, and it's my responsibility to restore peace. I'll sting all of their asses!" 


Moving on, Toya Bush-Harris says she supported her husband while he realized his dreams and now she wants what she wants. Apparently, what she wants is to live beyond their means, but she urges Eugene to look past the money. Eugene fails to embrace Toya's way of thinking. "I can get a part-time job," Toya jokes. "Eh, I'm just joking .. but seriously!" Poor Eugene cracks me up; somehow, he manges to look defeated and enamored at the same time.

Mariah catches up with Quad (What's your tea? I don't know. What's your tea?) and invites her to walk the "It's The Journey" breast cancer walk with her and Jackie. Quad accepts the invitation and suggests that they wear pink wigs, tutus, and Diana Ross gloves. With that out of the way, Mariah says, "You better sit down when you sip this tea I'm about to tip you." Mariah tells Quad that she can correct things with regards to her invitation to the party – as long as she learns how to interact with other doctor's wives. Quad insists that she gets it, she really does, but she also isn't about to eat ten yards of someone else's crap for the sake of playing nice. Quad agrees to lunch with Kari

Back to Toya, she meets with her architect to talk about her new house must haves: two-level pool with a swim-up beach and bridge, a sauna, wine cellar, theater room, and a cascading staircase that swivels. Toya's like, budget smudget, buy what you want, buy what you need, buy what you love. Right on cue, Eugene calls, as he can probably sense that his money is slipping away faster than the speed of light. Toya boasts about her focus and drive, to which Eugene says, "Your focus usually ends up costing me a lot of money." Toya compares her new house to new boobs – man invests, whilst complaining about the price, but loves the end result. Eugene grins. 


Dr. Simone Whitmore and Dr. Jackie share a touching moment prior to the breast cancer luncheon. They hug. They cry. They tease. They shall never leave my TV screen because I love their interactions. Jackie begins her speech with a joke, "I intend to keep it together today because I paid way too much for this makeup." Then, she turns serious, as she reveals that she has survived breast cancer. Twice.  "Breast cancer does take something from us," Jackie says. "If I said breast cancer did anything to me, other than make me a better person, it stole my fertility. For my story, the loss of fertility is the hardest part." In closing, Jackie vows to inspire and encourage her patients to the best of her ability. As promised, Quad and Mariah walk the 30-mile breast cancer walk with Jackie. Jackie isn't impressed by their costumes but she's also not about to lose focus on what's important – fighting the war against cancer.

Next, it's peace making time, as Mariah attempts to bring Kari and Quad together. Things are going surprisingly well until Kari goes and calls Gregory a psychologist again. Quad immediately loses her  composure. For crying out loud. I get it, I really do, but Quad is a wee bit sensitive about this. Kari insists it was honestly a mindless slip, with no shade intended, but Quad's defenses are already up. Then, Quad expresses her disappointment over Kari's insinuation that she's "some type of animal" with her "if she doesn't take her claws out" comments. Kari apologizes, Quad apologizes, Kari re-invites Quad to the party, and Mariah pats herself on the back. 

Next week on Married to Medicine, Toya reveals a secret from Mariah's past, much to her dismay, and then the "Hollywood Glam" party turns into a "Hollywood Bash" that leaves "guests in shock" and "a purse in the pool."

Good times, y'all.


Photo credit: Bravo