Married To Medicine Stars Blog About Mariah Huq And Toya Bush-Harris Brawl


So, Married to Medicine is a ratings success for Bravo, and more than 2.66 million viewers tuned in to watch Mariah Huq and Toya Bush-Harris attack one another. 

While the episode wants us to believe that Mariah is upset with Toya for gossiping about her family's personal business, I'm not so sure I believe this order of events. My gut tells me that the poolside brawl was nothing more than a pathetic, unfortunate, low class drunken fight. However, seeing as how Mariah is desperate to be a reality TV star and already suffers from Reza-ego-itis, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Mariah (as an executive producer) and Bravo (as a story-driven maniac) manufactured the scene with Lake (Mariah's sister) after the fact to save face. 

That said, check out this week's blogs from Mariah, Toya, Kari Wells, and Quad Webb-Lunceford, and let us know what you think!

In her blog, Mariah maintains that Toya had several open conversations about her daughter's adoption in two different hair salons. She expresses shock over "the lengths people will go to become more relevant" and says that Toya is void of "morals, values, and boundaries."


Mariah insists that most of her guests knew she was running behind, adding, "What made most of our guests uncomfortable, wasn't our tardiness, but Simone constantly antagonizing them about it. As we walked in it was almost like the party was on pause, because we weren't there." Seriously? Mariah contacted most of her guests but couldn't be bothered to give co-host Kari a head's up? Mmmkay.

"Most people would be partying, drinking, eating, socializing, and having a great time regardless of who was there," Mariah remarks. "I know I would, but then again, I am the life of the party."  

Mariah says she did her best to avoid confrontation, which is true, but Momma Lucy is another story. "From the moment Momma Lucy met Toya, she sensed that Toya had a deep disdain for me and so much envy in her veins, that she would do anything to elevate herself and diminish others. Well, hindsight is 20/20 and my mom was probably right the entire time. I thought Toya was misunderstood. I believed that I could help her be a better person and a stronger friend, wife, and mother, as others have done and continue to do for me." 

"Character isn't something you're born with. It's something you must take responsibility in forming. It took a lifetime for me to grow into the woman I am today, and I will not allow one mistake to demean or dictate who I am," Mariah concludes. "It doesn't matter, if I came from the ghetto, the gutters of England, or the biles of Detroit. What matters is that I made it! Yaaaasss babe, I am here!"

Toya reveals that she, too, was adopted, adding, "Why in the hell would I spread a rumor about something so near and dear to my own heart? I know firsthand how it feels to grow up in a mixed household, and I would NEVER choose to speak ill of any situation like my very own."

Toya adds, "I have never discussed Mariah's daughter except for agreeing with my husband, Eugene, in a private conversation (meaning no one but he and I were around) when Eugene complemented Aydin for being a man's man by stepping up and adopting HIS daughter."

"To further prove my point, outside of a lack of motive, there is also the lack of evidence in this case," Toya continues. "Lucy, Lake, and I do not belong to the same social circles. I use freelance private stylists for my Glam Squad and they come to my home. It is impossible for ANYONE to have heard that I was talking about Mariah's daughter, because we do not have any interaction outside of Mariah, and that in itself is already too much."

Toya points out the illegality of Mariah's actions. "Mariah's venomous overreaction to hearsay and gossip from a salon is not only absurd, but also illegal. You cannot assault people for what you think they might have said. This speaks volumes to Mariah's character. As professionals we need to hold ourselves in a higher regard than the common street thug that runs rapid [I think she means rampant] within society." 

Toya goes on to say that she had no choice but to defend herself when Mariah attacked her. Also, Toya maintains that Mariah fabricated the back story and used her as a pawn, adding, "It is horrific that Mariah will use anything and anyone to achieve success." 

To Mariah, Toya says, "Your fame seeking sickens me and it pains me to see how you will even use your own family as pawns. And being a friend to me? Ha! You have no idea what that means. Wanting people around you to stroke your ego is your and Hitler's version of friendship. No thank you."

The poolside brawl left Kari in tears. She considers that night as one of the worst in her life, adding, "I have never been exposed to anything like that in my life and I reacted out of shock and horror at seeing two, grown, educated, well-dressed, and married wives of doctors fighting." Four women and one handbag, if you count Quad and Momma Lucy

"I have been called a snob for some of my previous comments and nothing could be further from the truth," Kari shares. "I do not feel that I am better than anyone. I choose to not be around women behaving badly. I value my time and how I spend it. I have lived by it is not where you are from but where you are going that matters."

Good golly! Quad never met a catchphrase that she didn't like (and I'm starting to love her for it). With my Dummies Guide to Reality TV Catchphrases in hand, I take on Quad's blog, searching solely for her take on the others. Quad goes after Simone for stirring the pot, adding, "Trying to get Mariah's guest riled up by telling them they should say something to her about being late, hmmm, one may consider this appalling, pathetic, and unbecoming of a lady." 

I have to admit that I was completely blind to Simone's antics this week. What the hell? The only reason I can think is, I do believe it was tacky and rude for Mariah to be so late to her party that she invited her friends to so Simone's words never even fazed me.

Speaking to Toya, Quad says, "I don't want to name call but you are SORDID BOOTS up to your eyes in feces! You have so many left turns to dead end streets with less than a quart tank of gas left. The flicker in your flame has burned out! You lack character, integrity, moral fiber, and sophistication." Because she just can't help herself, she adds, "Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner has been served. Kitchen Closed."

Quad goes on to say that she's tired of hearing about proper etiquette, adding, "Mrs. Quad is not perfect but she is cute and is a work in progress." 

Putting an end to the third person speak needs to be a work in progress. 



Photo credit: Bravo