Married To Medicine Recap: Resuscitating Reputations


This week's episode of Married to Medicine explores the aftermath of Toya Bush-Harris and Mariah Huq's audition for Bravo's Fight Club poolside brawl. #boring

The next morning, Mariah wakes up Aydin and ushers him outside for a picnic. First, Mariah apologizes for her behavior the night before, and a confused Aydin asks his wife why she did what she did. Mariah is like, of course that's not the person I strive to be, but Toya ran her mouth!

Mariah informs Aydin that co-host Kari Wells sent her a PayPal invoice, requesting money for damages, and Aydin cannot believe what he's hearing. A shocked Aydin asks "what damages" and Mariah complains about how they paid for "the whole damn party" only to be kicked out. Finally, Mariah apologizes for embarrassing Aydin, adding, "But I'm also sorry that I didn't really beat Toya's ass like I wanted to." 

To Kari and Toya, Mariah warns, "The same way I brought you in, I will block you out."


Meanwhile, Toya is in her kitchen, frying bacon and waiting for her husband to come home from the hospital. Once home, Eugene immediately wants to know what the hell happened at the party. Toya tells Eugene her side of the story and comes to the conclusion that Mariah was either upset about something else or intoxicated. 

Toya goes on to say that she and Mariah simply value different things in life. First, Toya points out that she had kids after marriage, adding, "I think that is the successful away to build a family." Second, Toya says her friends are genuinely her friends, implying that Mariah's are not. A distracted Toya burns her breakfast. "Bitch done made me burn my f-ing bacon!" she jokes. Toya also burns the christening outfit that Mariah gave Toya for her son's dedication. 


Quad tells Gregory that the fight doesn't sit well with her, adding, "But I'm happy that I was able to stay out of it completely." Now that's funny. The only reason Quad stayed out of that fight is because she was held back. Anyway, Quad says Toya suffers from diarrhea of the mouth, and she wants no part of it.

Dr. Simone Whitmore gives us a short break from all the "he said, she said, I'm perfect, you're not" talk surround the fight. First, she takes the time to shoot some hoops with her son, rocking a shy-high pair of heels. Simone admits that she struggles to find a good wife and mother / doctor balance, adding, "I love my boys and I love my husband, but medicine gives me something that is so rewarding." 

Next, Kari and her friend, Chloe, discuss – you'll never guess – the fight. Kari admits that she was prepared for Quad to act up but never expected it from Toya and Mariah. The friends agree that Mariah is to blame for the fight. Chloe cannot believe that Mariah denies any responsibility for the altercation and goes around calling herself a victim. While Kari desperately wants to put this behind her, she knows that she'll eventually have to talk to Toya and Mariah about it. Chloe suggests Kari start with the lesser of two evils, Toya.

Following Chloe's advice, Kari invites Toya to lunch, but she brings her best bitch face and walls firmly in place. "It's like the bloody circus came into town," Kari complains. "Everybody is talking about the fight at my house." An apologetic Toya whips out a blank check and tells Kari to name her price. Kari refuses to take Toya's money. Later, we learn that Mariah took back the the money she paid for the party, via PayPal, and berated Kari and Duncan for allowing her to be attacked in their home. Funny. Mariah forgot to mention that part. 


Kari list the reason she's willing to forgive Toya: she has offered to pay, she apologized, her husband apologized, she was visibily distraught over what happened, she was only defending herself, and she has always been nothing but a lady. Kari and Toya toast to "cream to the top" and Toya shows Kari her latest gift from Eugene, a taser gun, LOL. Oh! Maybe it can shock the third person speak out of everyone!

Meanwhile, Mariah and Quad shop for lingerie because, um, Mariah hasn't gotten any since the drunken brawl. Unimpressed by the selection, Quad says, "I can't do nothing in this store. It's not youthful enough for her, honey." #taser Nevertheless, the friends have a grand time trying on bras and dancing in the fitting rooms. 

Earlier in the show, we saw Quad and Gregory discuss the the baby issue. Gregory is ready; Mariah is perfectly content raising puppies. To Gregory, Quad says, "Well, she ain't ready, honey. She is not ready at all." #taser Now, the subject comes up again, with Mariah this time. The ladies joke, all this lingerie will lead to getting busy will lead to very pregnant. Quad doesn't want to talk about babies. "Mariah acts like an older sister at times," Quad complains. "Put your two cents on your tab and keep shopping." 


Dr. Jackie Walters invites Simone, Kari, and Toya to her home for dinner. Jackie purposely excludes Mariah and Quad because she doesn't want any fighting in her home. Seems as if Jackie has already chosen her side, doesn't it? 

Toya goes on and on about what Mariah did to her. Simone asks her what she did to Mariah, saying, "To not own any part of it is not right." Toya maintains, she simply pushed Mariah's hand off of her. Later, Toya admits that she should not have thrown her glass at Mariah, adding, "Everything after that was a true reaction to feeling threatened." 

Jackie is like, Oh dear, get these hooligans a copy of the Code of Conduct for Doctor's Wives, like, STAT. 

Kari says she wants closure and refuses to speak to Mariah until she gets on her knees and begs for forgiveness. #fatchance Jackie seems to think she can talk to Mariah, to get her to understand where she went wrong, and Toya jokes that she'll bring her mace, taser gun, and Bible. Kari thinks Jackie is wasting her time, saying, "Mariah only listens to the voices in Mariah's head." 


As promised, Jackie talks to Mariah, or as Mariah puts it, she's been called to the principal's office to discuss her bad behavior. Too funny. Thankfully, Jackie has enough sense to decline Toya's offer to provide backup. 

Mariah tells Jackie that she felt backed into a corner and she "just" physically reacted. Jackie says nothing "just" happened, implying it was a conscious decision on Mariah's part, and Mariah reminds Jackie that she was responding to Toya talking about her mother and daughter. To the camera, Jackie says, "If you don't want your business told, don't tell it." 

Mariah believes the other ladies underestimate Toya's devious ways, warning Jackie, "Y'all don't know what you're dealing with." 


Photo credit: Bravo