Thank you, Mob Wives, for realizing that a reunion need be only an hour.  Renee Graziano, Ramona Rizzo, Karen Gravano, Big Ang, Carla Facciolo, and Drita D'avanzo don't need three separate reunion installments to scream and threaten each other…one will suffice!

Last night's reunion host was none other than Dr. Drew, who admits to being a huge fan of the show.  Sure he is, just like he DVRs Teen Mom 2… I wonder if the ladies scared off Joy Behar or if she just had a prior commitment.  I'm actually shocked they didn't get John Salley to be a part of this VH1 debacle!  Drew smugly talks about the drama from the season and explains that there is some Love (Majewski, that is) lost–because she won't be appearing on the reunion after getting booted from the show.  We're treated to a highlight reel of Love's looniest confessions and outbursts.  The woman sure loves to stab people!


Drew asks for the women's opinions on Love, but I'm distracted by the fact that Big Ang is dressed like a disco ball.  Renee shares that she was never a fan of Love, but you know what she is a fan of?  Blue glitter from eyelids to hemlines.  Karen is sporting lighter locks, and she remembers a time when, as a teenager, she and Love came to blows in a parking lot.  Ahhh, memories.  Drita's make-up is flawless, and as a reformed violent person, she can't judge Love.  Carla and Ramona get into it about how each is a trash talker, and Drew totally loses control.  Drew may be able to coddle teen narcissists, but he his psychology mumbo jumbo has no effect on these gals.  He rises and tries to stand in front of Ramona so she can't see Carla, but she just screams through him.  Drew tries to change the subject with more footage of Love and her fight at Drita's birthday, but the two are still screeching at each other about mobster family history before Ramona accuses Carla of being a racist.

Ang thinks that Love wouldn't have pulled her shenanigans had she been alone, but Karen disagrees.  Karen then starts cussing about how her father saved Carla's father's life–Google it!  Yes, Google…everything you find on the Internet it true!  Carla wishes that Drita wouldn't have invited Love to her party, but she knows that Drita had her back.  Drita had hoped that Carla could have just been the bigger person and kept her mouth closed, but both Carla and Ang don't think Love deserves to have people bow down to her just because she's violent.  All of the girls end up laughing when Drita reminds the audience that you shouldn't move around this group for fear of getting jumped.  The women then address an absent Love with Karen basically praising Love for doing what she set out to do.


The feud between Carla and Renee is revisited, and Drew asks all about the butter knife situation.  Ang and Drita admit they failed as peacemakers.  Renee gives Carla props for owning up her actions, but Carla keeps interrupting everyone…even Drita when is sticking up for her.  Ramona then says she wants to pull Carla's rib from her chest and use it as a toothpick after she eats her skin.  Well isn't that…flipping insane.  Who says stuff like that (besides people who are high on bath salts, I mean)?  Dr. Drew sputters something about cleansing breaths before heading to a commercial break.

From their crazy brawls to their newfound friendship, the relationship among Drita, Karen, and Ramona is front and center.  An audience member asks whose side Ramona would be on if Karen and Drita were to fight again.  Karen tells everyone that they are grown women so they don't act that way.  I have to laugh when Drew reminds her that they were grown women when they were acting a fool and fighting in the past.  His comment seems lost on Karen though.


A.J. joins his mother on stage as she discusses her addiction and time in rehab.  She tearfully tells her story, and Drita interjects that it makes her sad to hear Renee say she's a bad mother, because A.J. is proof otherwise.  And he is…what a stand-up guy!  Carla apologizes for calling Renee a "junkie," and A.J. admits that her words hurt him too even if it wasn't her intention.  Carla offers her mea culpa to A.J. as well.

Drew brings up all of the drama with the ladies' men, starting with Lee getting out of jail and being allowed back into Drita's house.  Drew wonders how Drita will ever be able to trust Lee, and she explains that she has to be a semi-parole officer.  She also reveals that Lee will never be on camera.  Renee tells Carla that she hates how Joe treated her on camera with their divorce, and Karen agrees.  Finally it's not just Carla against the crowd.  Dave then joins Karen on the sofa to defend himself over hiding his girlfriend.  Renee urges him to just admit that he was wrong, which he does…receiving a handshake from Renee.  Ramona thinks that Dave is still in love with Karen, a claim he denies.  Karen shares that she is still dating Storm.


The focus turns to Ramona's wedding with her incarcerated boyfriend.  She admits that she has yet to get married, but she still wants to go through with it.  Drew believes that Ramona is more in love with the idea of a wedding instead of being a prison wife.  Ang doesn't think that it's fair to put her kids through the heartache and stress of having their step-father still in jail.  Ramona is so hellbent on this wedding that she even invites Carla.  This whole reunion has taken a turn for the hilarious.  The reunion closes on a positive note as Drew and the ladies laugh about their sex lives with the good doctor even throwing out the f-bomb a few times for good measure.  It ends with all of the women erupting into giggles.


[Photo Credit: VH1]

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