The competition was fierce on last night's Dance Moms, and, as usual, Abby Lee Miller did everything in her power to perpetuate feelings of inadequacy and insecurity in her troupe.  She's such a sweetheart.

The ALDC heads to New York City for Abby's appearance on The View, but that doesn't spare the girls from the pyramid.  The moms also learn that Cathy and her Candy Apples are in the Big Apple.  Abby had Nia and Asia on the bottom for an out of synch duet, followed by BrookePaige is on the second rung for a not so memorable routine, with Kendall securing the third spot.  Maddie is second on the pyramid for only scoring one point above the girl at the top spot: Chloe.  I am so excited for her, and she is beaming!

For the NYC competition, Asia, Maddie, and Chloe will all be dancing solos, as will KendallJill can't contain herself and Abby makes sure Jill knows she needs to keep kissing up with gifts to stay in her good graces.  Everyone will be dancing in the group number.  In addition to the competition, Abby wants to perfect The Last Text for The View, and she announces that Asia will be dancing in MacKenzie's place for the talk show.  Melissa is livid and she sputters that her daughter has put her time in with the troupe.  Abby reminds Melissa that MacKenzie has an injured foot.  Jill is stirring the pot with Melissa to stick up to Abby, but Kristie 2.0 wants Asia to have a part in the dance.


Abby pulls MacKenzie aside and asks why her mother isn't doing more to try to convince her that she should dance on The View.  She warns the eight-year-old that people are going to start forgetting about her if her mom doesn't speak up on her behalf.  That is so wrong!  Also in New York, Cathy is working with her band of boys.  Anthony is back as the choreographer, and Cathy is hosting an open audition for a female contemporary dancer.

MacKenzie relays Abby's message to her mother, and Melissa isn't going to have Kristie 2.0's daughter take MacKenzie's spot.  She goes to confront Abby.  Abby walks away from Melissa, telling Melissa that Asia wants to be a star more than MacKenzie.  When Melissa shares her frustrations with the other moms, Kelly and Christi remind her that this is the same situation their daughters are faced with as far as Maddie is concerned.


Cathy and her daughter Vivi-Anne are judging a group of girls who auditioning for the contemporary spot in the boys' number.  A wonderful young dude named Charles struts in with one of the final girls' groups, and I can't thank the ten-year-old enough for making the entire episode with his freestyle dancing.  You keep doing what you're doing, Charles!

At Kristie's direction, Asia gifts Abby with a giant thank-you card decorated with a giant pink elephant.  Asia coyly tells Abby she'd be a great addition to The View dance.  The pair begins working on Asia's solo, and Kelly is moaning that her daughters never get solos.  Kelly decides she's going to take her cues from Kris Jenner's playbook and play momager for her girls while they are in the city.

Anthony, Cathy, and Vivi have narrowed down the finalists.  Unfortunately, Charles doesn't make the final cut, but Anthony praises his bravery for putting it all out on the dance floor and encourages him to continuing following his dreams.  Cathy then congratulates a young girl named Victoria for getting the spot on the Candy Apples.  She hopes that Abby recognizes the young dancer and is intimidated.


The group dance is based on a homeless theme, and Holly hopes it will be a routine that raises awareness like The Last Text.  Brooke repeatedly makes mistakes, and Abby cites all of the girls as looking sloppy.  She screams at them that life isn't going to be served to them on a silver platter before storming out of the studio.  Huh?

At a local diner, Cathy and Vivi chat about the best parts of New York City.  Vivi likes the shopping and the pizza, and Cathy hounds Vivi about having a crush on one of her boy dancers.  She encourages her daughter to like him because she thinks that they could be a cute dancing couple.  Oh gracious…poor Vivi!

At ABC studios, Abby is excited about her co-hosting gig on The View.  The girls are rehearsing with the camera crew and sound guys, and Abby is switching out MacKenzie and Asia with every run through.  She admits that she wants MacKenzie to dance since she part of the original number, but she's going to make Melissa sweat it until the last minute.  Kristie 2.0 is tired of the Melissa and Jill peanut gallery for constantly snipping about Asia.  The original Christi is suspicious…she thinks that Melissa already knows that MacKenzie will be dancing because she's not nearly as upset about the situation as she has been.


Melissa is yelling at all the moms about MacKenzie's newly healed injury.  Christi believes that Melissa concocted the hurt foot to keep her daughter from having to compete against Asia, and now it's come back to bite her in the arse.  Abby arrives midway through the hair and make-up process, and she's not yet ready to decide which tiny dancer will be in the number.  She wants both girls costumed and ready to take the stage before she makes her announcement.  That's not cruel at all!

Someone has a major fan crush on Whoopi Goldberg!  Watching from the green room, Holly is shocked to see how much The View hosts like Abby in return.  Right before the girls take the stage, MacKenzie is gifted the spot.  None of the moms are surprised at Abby's choice.  Melissa is thrilled, and Kristie isn't surprised that Abby chose loyalty over talent.  The girls do an amazing job of their award-winning number.

Now that her time of The View is over, Abby is now focused on beating Cathy's kids at the competition.  Cathy can't wait to pull out her secret weapon, although Anthony may quit on her if she doesn't stop second guessing his choreography.

Abby challenges MacKenzie to learn from Asia before getting the girls prepped for the upcoming competition.

Next week, the K/Christi(e)s get into a screaming match, and Cathy and Anthony go head to head.  Kelly is horrified at something Anthony says to Paige at the competition.


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