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You have to hand it to Khloe Kardashian Odom.  She's the sister who seems to get the most flack from the public, yet to me, she seems like the most honest and down-to-earth one of the bunch.  It's not her fault that sister Kim made a sex tape and her mom Kris Jenner used that to catapult the family into major famewhoredom.  

In a new interview, Khloe talks openly about her body image, public scrutiny, and her mom's blatant favoritism of Kim.  And speaking of Kris, after the jump you can check out a picture of her new talk show set because yes, that's apparently going to be a real thing.  Gracious.


Khloe tells British Cosmo, "I'm confident in who I am. I've always known that I'm not Kim and I'm not Kourtney. I've always been okay with that," adding, "I probably thought I was prettier before I entered the spotlight, because being compared to somebody else every day does sort of beat up your spirit and soul."

The reality star tries to take things in stride, saying, "I'm pretty tough. I want to say I don't care, but of course [comments about my body] are going to sting. After my father died, I gained a lot of weight, and then I was in the spotlight. I was quickly criticized for not being a cookie-cutter sister like Kourtney and Kim. I lost about 30 pounds before I did Kourtney And Khloé Take Miami.  I was feeling so good about myself, and I was still so critiqued."

She continues, "It's so easy to fall victim to public bullying. I understand why so many people in this industry have eating disorders or want plastic surgery, and I'm proud I've done things the healthy way and haven't felt bullied into having my face operated on. I'm not against it. When I'm older, you never know."

Discussing her marriage to Lamar Odom, Khloe reveals, "I'm very modern-day when it comes to my personality and my work, but I'm very old-fashioned with my morals and values of being husband and wife. And he will come first. … It's very taboo nowadays to support your man, but you have to do what makes you happy — even if someone else doesn't understand."

However, don't expect her to follow in her mom's footprints when it comes to kids and stardom.  Khloe explains, "I'd never manage my kids. We gang up on Mom, and that has to be so hard. Now I'm getting older, I feel sorry for her rather than resent her.  [Once, my mom told me] I was gaining weight, but she was talking to me as a manager, like I was ruining a brand deal. It's hard to understand that, and it's more hurtful when it's coming from my mom. But Kim is definitely her favorite. It doesn't bother me. They're so similar — they could be the same person."  

So telling, isn't it?  I don't blame Khloe for not being bothered with her mother's favoritism…it would be compliment not to be at the top of Kris' list!  Kim, in the meantime, is securing her spot by promoting her momager's upcoming talk show.  She posted the below picture on Facebook with the caption, "How amazing is this? The Kris Jenner Show set looks just like my mom’s house!"  Amazing indeed.  Amazingly stupid.  


[Photo Credit:; Facebook]

kris jenner set

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