Married To Medicine Recap: Dr. Jackie Walters’ Lemon Squeeze Turns Sour


This week on Married to Medicine, Dr. Jackie Walters organizes a Lemon Squeeze in the hope that Toya Bush-Harris and Mariah Huq are able to talk through their sour lemons (differences) and make sweet lemonade (peace). Quad Webb-Lunceford follows Mariah's every move, Kari Wells sides with Toya, and Dr. Simone Whitford sits in the middle, mad about being sober, and cracks jokes about the quacker (rubber duck). 

Needless to say, the Lemon Squeeze ends on a sour note, with Jackie leaving the restaurant in tears, and I find it sad that these women cannot act like adults for one evening. Ugh. Let's start from the beginning.

The episode beings with Simone and Cecil, who discuss their new home bar and their alma maters' homecoming festivities. First, the bar, which is Cecil's baby. Simone did not want the bar, originally, but she has since decided that it's cool as long as it remains stocked with vodka. Second, Simone and Cecil plan a Friday Night Mixer, to kick off homecoming weekend. Simone plans to invite Jackie, because they're friends, and Toya, because she needs to get her drink on after the drama with Mariah


Meanwhile, Eugene meets with a marketing consultant to talk about his new at-home care service, NoMad, and Toya lurks, listening to every word. To the camera, Toya reveals the cost to build her new home, which is $1.3 million, and says that she refuses to give up her lifestyle. In other words: Eugene better not mess this up. And, considering that Toya's tastes seem slightly richer than her bank account, the faster this business happens, the better.

So, after a while, Toya de-lurks, to give her two twenty-two cents. She believes Eugene wastes too much time describing his vision for NoMad to the marketing consultant. Eugene tells her to zip it. Toya claims she's just trying to help, to which Eugene says, "I don't think you listen to others. You just want to get your point out. That's not a conversation, that's a soliloquy." Toya continues to push, reminding her husband that she has a degree in business, and urges the marketing consultant to do his thing.


Fast forward to Simone and Cecil's Friday Night Mixer, Eugene and Toya arrive ahead of everyone else. Toya wants to use their alone time to talk about Mariah, who still hasn't apologized, but Eugene admits that he's tired of talking about Mariah. Toya starts to cry, saying, "Now you're making me feel like I shouldn't be frustrated." While Toya feels as if he is dismissing her feelings, Eugene says that he simply doesn't want "these people's craziness" to make her crazy. And, on that note, Eugene has to go to work.

Then, Simone's other guests, including Jackie, start to arrive. Simone arrives late, which annoys Jackie, and Simone arrives tipsy, which annoys Jackie. Dr. Jackie is easily bothered. Yet, she thinks the Lemon Squeeze is a fabulous idea, and she bans alcohol and taser guns. What a buzz kill. No pun intended. Toya reluctantly agrees to Jackie's lemony get-together. 

At the Huq Household, Mariah tells Aydin about the Lemon Squeeze. Mariah feels as if Jackie is "not being real" about the situation and expects that she'll have some empathy once she hears the reason behind the fight. Whether or not that happens, Mariah already feels deeply betrayed over Simone and Kari taking Toya's side. "If Jackie thinks squeezing lemons is going to paint this and make this all go away, she's in for a rude awakening," Mariah adds. "I'm going to hear all of them out, and I'll know how to move forward, or whether not to move forward."

Jackie reminds us that she's unable to have children as she prepares to deliver a patient's baby. Jackie becomes emotional, saying, "I don't know what it feels like to have a baby. I've never had the opportunity. But, watching it happen, there's an atmosphere that can't be described. I sometimes cry, wishing I knew what that really felt like." This is what Married to Medicine should focus on: real people, real-life struggles, and real emotions within the medical community. Instead, we get Mariah and Quad, with their "what's the tea" and "it's us against the world" nonsense, and Kari and Toya, with their passive aggressive cattiness.


So, Mariah and Quad meet up, to talk about the Lemon Squeeze. According to Mariah, Jackie lacks empathy because she never gave birth to a child. In one breath, Mariah says she'll go into the meeting with an open heart and an open mind, but in the next breath, she says there isn't anything anyone can do to make what Toya did right. Quad calls Toya a "three-year-old weasel," to which Mariah says, "She better check her damn email about Miss Mariah!"  

Quad asks about Kari, and Mariah reveals that she stopped payment on the last check she wrote to Kari for the party. "Not the coins!" Quad remarks, and Mariah adds, "Yes the hell I did. Kari better settle herself down and eat a bread roll. She don't want none of this action." Mariah's game plan for the Lemon Squeeze includes throwing lemons at anyone who isn't firmly on her side. If only Toya had permission to bring her taser gun, then Maraih could bring Momma Lucy with her handbag full of lemons. Hunger Games, Married to Medicine style, would certainly make for a fun time.

Next, Kari and Toya hit up the nail salon, hopefully keeping all non-secrets to themselves. If nothing else, Toya is thankful that the fight with Mariah brought her closer to both Kari and Simone. Talking about the upcoming Lemon Squeeze, Kari admits that she's nervous about being in the same room as Mariah "without garlic and a crucifix" and that she's only going for Jackie's sake.

 It's finally time to make lemonade! Jackie declares herself the HWIC, head woman in charge, and sets the rules … assigned seats, no alcohol, purse checks, and everyone will leave in a good place … Oh Jackie. Simone is the first to arrive, and she is not happy about the alcohol ban. However, her "are you sh-tting me? are you kidding me?" whines are the extent of her complaints on the issue, and she orders a lemonade. A nervous Kari and a taser-less Toya arrive next. Finally, Quad and Mariah show up, with Mariah saying, "Miss Toya better be prepared. I don't think she realizes what she's in for tonight."​


Mariah sizes up Simone, coming to the conclusion that she feels guilty for siding with Toya, and Quad immediately makes fun of Toya's feather earrings. Toya adds, "Quad and her puppet master walk into the room and the vibe just totally changes." Mariah orders wine. Jackie says no wine, adding to the camera, "Mariah did not walk in with an open mind, but we're going to make this work." Mariah insists on wine; Jackie insists not. Mariah demands wine; Jackie demands not at her Lemon Squeeze. Mariah carries on like a child, saying, "Then I won't have anything." Toya chimes in, "This ignorant heifer can't just sit there and drink some damn water with a lime?!" This lemon chat is going to go well. I can feel it. 😉 

Moving on, Jackie goes over the rules, which include no physical contact, no disrespect, no speaking unless you have the quacker (rubber duck) in your hand. Then, Jackie asks everyone how they can move on, putting the conflict behind them, and there's dead silence. #crickets Jackie asks Mariah if she would like to talk about the "misunderstanding" with Toya. Mariah declines, saying that she plans to listen and take notes only, until the end. Instead, Toya asks Mariah why she put her hands on her and why she has yet to apologize, to which Mariah says, "Because I don't feel that way." Jackie chastises Mariah for speaking sans the quacker, and Simone waives the duck in front of the camera, laughing, "You thought this sh-t was going to keep bitches from talking out of turn?" HAHA

So, Jackie asks Toya why she didn't walk away, and Toya reveals that Mariah's physical attack brought her back to being beat as a child. "It's a very soft spot, for me, when somebody decides to put their hands on me," Toya shares. "It goes deeper than just a little fight or a little anger, which is part of the reason why I have a hard time forgetting."


Mariah grabs the duck. She refuses to apologize to Toya, saying, "I am hurt to the core by what you have done to me. We weren't ready to tell Lauren that she was adopted." To the camera, Toya calls Mariah a nutcase and maintains that she never talked negatively about Lauren. To Mariah, Toya admits that she talked about the adoption to her hairdresser, but in her own home and with no malicious intent. Kari points out that Lauren's adoption is definitely not a secret.​ 

The Lemon Squeeze goes from a little sour to a lot bitter when Jackie asks Mariah if she's willing to accept that Toya meant no harm. Mariah tells Jackie that she's being unreasonable, living in her perfect world, and goes on to imply that she cannot understand because she hasn't given birth to a child. Jackie counters, adoptive parents love their children just the same and that you don't have to necessarily give birth to a child to love a child, to which Mariah says, "That's not the same. You really don't even have a clue. I'm not even being funny." Mariah's words break Jackie's heart. 

While Toya is glad to finally know why Mariah is so deeply angered, she still feels as if Mariah's actions were inappropriate. Once again, Mariah goes on about the beauty salon gossip, and Toya insists it's a lie. To the camera, Quad bemoans, "Why can't Toya just say, 'I was wrong. I apologize. I did do that with malicious intent. I am a horrible person.' Tell the truth!" Obviously, Quad is completely blind to the fact that Mariah's version of the story might be flawed. 


Kari takes this opportunity to get on Mariah for taking back funds for the party. Mariah denies it, adding, "Please don't say that. Please don't. Please don't. I paid for that party. Liar, liar, pants on fire." Figuring that Mariah would lie, because that's what Mariah does, Kari brought a copy of her bank statement, which details Mariah's PayPal credits AND debits. Mariah refuses to look at the statement, saying, "Kari, you are an actress tonight. You need to stop this. I would have loaned you money, girlfriend." Jackie tells Mariah that she's being disrespectful. 

Toya speaks up, basically saying that this meeting is useless, and tells Quad to be quiet when she attempts to talk. Quad loses her patience, rightfully so, and tells Toya off. To the camera, Quad says, "Shut the f–k up! Seriously. Let your top lip meet your bottom one." Toya throws out, "No puppets over here, baby. No puppets over here." Jackie and Simone beg Toya to keep her mouth shut, Mariah acts like everyone – but her and Quad – are being horrible, Toya continues to call out Mariah, and Jackie throws in the towel lemons. 

Jackie declares the meeting over, saying, "I can't do it. I cannot make a mockery of women. I will not. I cannot. I am out." And, with that said, she walks out of the restaurant.


Photo credit: Bravo