Former Real Housewives Of New York’s Jill Zarin Has Harrowing Kayak Mishap!

jill zarin

It was a harrowing weekend for Real Housewives of New York's Jill Zarin, that's for sure!  The outspoken redhead had quite the panic while vacationing at her new home in the Hamptons (of course).

While enjoying the finer things in life, Jill decided to get a little adventurous, and she took to the sea.  Yes, Mrs. Zarin tried her hand at kayaking, and it wasn't pretty.


According to Naughty But Nice Rob, Jill had quite a scare while trying her hand at a leisurely boat outing.  Lucky for us, her friend spoke up about the incident, and she makes it sound ultra-dramatic.  And let's be serious, who doesn't equate Jill with being overly dramatic?

Jill's pal tells Rob, “While kayaking in the Hampton’s, Jill found herself caught in a very strong current and started to panic. Thankfully she managed to calm down and stop fighting the current allowing it to bring her back towards the shore. It was terrifying, she had to fight for her life."

Did you hear that?  She had to FIGHT. FOR. HER. LIFE.  While rip currents are no joke, this sounds a tad ridiculous.  Not surprisingly, Jill confirmed the kayaking mishap but didn't give any of the scary details.  She also refused to comment on the salary negotiations of her former RHONY co-stars.

Another friend shares, “[Jill] has never been happier. She is having friends over to dinners and drinks and enjoying her life. She is still in touch with ladies from the show, but has moved on."  

I'm guessing it will be a while before she attempts to go kayaking again!

[Photo Credit: Twitter]