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Luann de Lesseps Real Housewives Of New York

Season 13 of Real Housewives of New York has fallen flat compared to its heyday. RHONY always delivered an entertaining season, so naturally fans are disappointed. Eboni K. Williams joined the cast as the first Black Housewife for the franchise. She has been trying to educate the ladies about racial issues, but it’s been a slog for Eboni.

Eboni had to explain why Ramona Singer shouldn’t call her staff “the help.” While Ramona is famous for running away from any dispute, or lecture, Eboni is still speaking her truth. “Frankly, I was not going to tiptoe around these women when it came to any of it,” Eboni stated. “Their comfort is just not my concern.”

Sonja Morgan

Step aside Countess!  The self-proclaimed cabaret queen Luann de Lesseps has competition.  Well, officially that is, because Real Housewives of New York fans know that Sonja Morgan can run circles around Luann.  Both the ladies have stage presence and comedic timing, but Sonja’s certain degree of humility and vulnerability make her utterly charming onstage.  Unlike our countess, Sonja can poke fun at herself and we adore her for it all the more.

Sonja’s proved herself with a saucy burlesque show, and appeared in cameos on Luann’s show Countess And Friends.  And life is a stage dahling.  Sonja is always in character, whether she’s batting her eyes over a glass of bubbly, or prancing around her ruin of a townhouse.  She’s created a persona that she tried to market with her various business ventures.  While the toaster oven may not have worked, the idea of bringing Sonja’s character to life seems like a winner.

Eboni K. Williams Real Housewives Of New York

This season of Real Housewives of New York has been dismal. Eboni K. Williams was the first Black Housewife on the franchise, and she brought a fresh energy. This television host and attorney has been accused of being “preachy,” but that doesn’t bother her at all.

Eboni has tried to educate her RHONY co-stars about racial issues, but it wasn’t easy. Ramona Singer referred to her staff as “the help.” She apologized after Eboni explained why that term wasn’t appropriate.

Luann de Lesseps

Real Housewives of New York has definitely hit a bump in the road this season. Fans are complaining left and right that it’s just not the same. And it’s not. Which is kind of the whole point. Cast members come and go, the dynamic changes. I admit the start of the season was a complete snooze fest. But the addition of Bershan Shaw added plenty of drama.

Bershan wasted no time stirring the pot. She called the ladies grandmas and told them they were boring. Then she started in on our beloved housewife, Sonja Morgan. Bershan mocked her incessantly and called her a clown. It was not a good look for Bershan. And it’s no surprise that Sonja’s fellow housewives took issue with the attack. Luann de Lesseps proved to be a good friend and defended Sonja. But one long time friend was missing from the defense team – Ramona Singer.


Leah McSweeney and Ramona Singer have bickered back and forth since Leah stepped on the scene of the Real Housewives of New York. The Ramonacoaster tries to be a pseudo-parent to Leah at times and seems to get overly offended whenever the newbie talks about sex. Meanwhile, Leah hasn’t always kept her cool, throwing digs at Ramona and literally throwing ravioli at her. Their dynamic is old-school Real Housewives drama and seems like they’ll never truly find resolution, which is probably good for TV.

And the current season of RHONY has been hard on both of them. Leah’s been receiving a lot of hate that even has Andy Cohen shocked. And Mona is battling rumors that she’s been fired before the imminent cast shakeup prior to next season. Despite the noise going on in the background, the two still find time to argue about trivial things like penis talk and Holla Heather Thomson. But both are standing their ground — particularly Leah when it comes to defending Eboni K. Williams’ mission of talking honestly about race with the ladies.

Luann de Lesseps Real Housewives Of New York

Thankfully the Real Housewives of New York are out of Salem and back in the city. It wasn’t doing it for anyone, and they need to be back where they belong. There’s still time to kick this dreadful season into a higher gear. So much of the season has centered about Eboni K. Williams and her tendency to shift the conversation in a political direction. However, the blame can not be placed on any ONE person. That includes Leah McSweeney

A major talking point throughout the Salem trip was Sonja Morgan and her drinking. The women seemed to have gotten through to her, but time will tell if anything actually permeated. It’s a bizarre group to have lecture anyone about alcohol though. None of them really have room to talk or judge. It would be nice though if Sonja could find herself on a path rooted in healthier decisions.

Eboni K. Williams Real Housewives Of New York

The Real Housewives of New York is obviously NOT having its best season by a longshot. The COVID-19 pandemic and a small group of unmarried ladies has just had a dark vibe throughout the first half of Season 13. And it’s a shame because the show finally hired its first Black castmate Eboni K. Williams, and she’s been receiving a lot of heat from fans and her co-stars.

Eboni has been unapologetic about who she is and what she stands for. She came onto an all-white cast and hasn’t been shy about bringing up acts of racism, white privilege, and microaggressions. She won’t apologize to Luann de Lesseps after Lu referred to her as “angry” and makes her confront the connotations of her words. She wasn’t down with Holla Heather Thomson whitesplaining and being fake woke. Particularly when Holla Heather calls her a “race-baiter” (so gross).  And she’s teaching Ramona Singer how to stop being so tone-deaf, which is somewhat working. That is when Ramona’s not running away or being the Apologizer for being born white. Sigh.

Leah McSweeney Real Housewives Of New York

This season of the Real Housewives of New York has been dark, and fans are not afraid to let everybody know it. And I’m not even denying that this season has been particularly boring and off for our big city ladies. There’s a major divide when it comes to newbie Eboni K. Williams bringing conversations about race to the forefront. Leah McSweeney, who was loved as a ravioli-throwing rookie, has been receiving a whole lot of backlash. Is it because she put Holla Heather Thomson in her place in the Hamptons? Or because she always throws age digs at Ramona Singer? Honestly, I’m pretty neutral about Leah, but the vitriol thrown her way does seem to add up.

Leah’s undoubtedly had a rough second season of RHONY. She lost her grandmother. She’s on a journey of being sober again. And, as always, she’s been pretty honest about her mental health and the struggles she faces from being on the show. Even the Ramonacoaster, who rarely gives her BFF Sonja Morgan a pass, told the viewers to be easy on her. But that also might be because she’s trying to save her own job.