Scott Disick Ignores Fans & Behaves Rudely At A Paid Appearance!

Miss Universe Las Vegas 2012 at Planet Hollywood

So this may be the least surprising thing you've ever read here at Reality Tea. A Kardashian (or Kardashian sycophant!) behaving badly. 

Scott Disick was recently paid handsomely to get his lord on at a Houston club, but unfortunately the professional reality star wasn't very professional when it came to interacting with fans. Fans, who apparently have way too much money, paid $300 to party with Scott and were instead ignored as he neglected them to sulk in a private seating area. 

Scott and his entourage arrived at 12:15 a.m. and went directly to their section near the DJ booth on the lower level of the club,” the eyewitness told In Touch. “But when they got there and the clubgoers started taking pictures, Scott just looked away from the sea of people with their cameras flashing.”


The Keeping Up With The Kardashian star didn't even do the one thing fans were probably hoping for – that he'd get drunk and rowdy! Nope, he sipped mostly water (does Kourtney have him on lockdown) and spent the night texting. Fans were supposed to do a meet-n-greet with Scott at 1am (who the hell wants to meet Scott?!) but he barely participated. 

“He didn’t speak to the people and barely made eye contact with them,” the eyewitness reveals. “He didn’t touch or hug them and did not engage with them at all.” 

“When I asked for a second picture, he said no. Scott was very rude,” one girl told the magazine. 

“He seemed totally unengaged the whole time he was there,” the witness added. “He didn’t speak to the crowd over the mic, he just stood in his section and talked to his friends.” Kourtney was recently spotted looking similarly disengaged at Scott's birthday party. 

At around 2am the club presented Scott with a birthday cake which he pretty much ignored. Shortly after that he and his five friends hopped into a waiting SUV and bailed. 

The Lord does not interact with the plebeians. He was probably worried his bronzer would smudge. 

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