Final Order Entered In Kim Kardashian Divorce; Plus Bruce Jenner Isn’t A Fan Of Kanye West And Kris Jenner’s Talk Show Gets A Summer Audience!

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Good gracious, y'all!  Nothing ever slows down if you're one of the Kardashians.  First up, Bruce Jenner finally gets some press time is getting heat from step-daughter Kim Kardashian for not being Kanye West's biggest fan.  His wife, Kris Jenner can't be bothered with such nonsense as she's too busy perfecting the ins and outs of her upcoming talk show.  Yes, that's really going to happen.

At least there is some good news in sight for Kim.  Her divorce from Kris Humphries, which seemed like it would never happen, has been finalized.  The couple is no longer legally betrothed, so you can go ahead and delete their multi-million dollar nuptials from your DVR.  As much as Kris Humphries wishes it never legally happened, it did, but it's over…and you can purge it from your cache. I just did. 


TMZ reveals that Bruce has been under fire for his claims that he rarely spends time with his future step-granddaughter's father.  In fact, Bruce has said that he's only met the tiny rapper once in all the time Kanye has been seeing Kim.  Not surprisingly, there is evidence to the contrary.

After Bruce remarked that he'd only been around Kanye once, saying, "[He is] not around," Kim was upset with Bruce's allegations.  Thankfully, the site can produce evidence of at least four occasions where Bruce and Kanye have been photographed in the same vicinity…like the family's Christmas party last year and Kourtney Kardashian's baby shower for Penelope.  Seriously, Bruce?  Just say you don't remember him…don't say you haven't met him.  Men…am I right?

In the past, Bruce has expressed disdain for Kim's relationship with Kanye.  He was once quoted as saying he was "not that excited" about the tiny rapper dating Kim because he was worried she was moving on too abruptly from Kris.  Thankfully, Kim can now say she's totally washed her hands of her NBA ex.

People reports that the annulment heard 'round the world has finally come to a close.  L.A.'s Superior Court has entered the final judgment in Kris and Kim's proceedings as of Monday.  While the couple has been duking it out for almost two years over their 72-day marriage, all good things must–and have!–come to an end.  Of course, no terms of their settlement will be revealed…yet.

At least things are looking up for pimp momager Kris.  That's good news, right?  Deadline reveals that Kris' talk show has been granted a six-week trial run this summer on some of Fox's biggest affiliates.  Someone is following in Bethenny's footsteps, eh?  Like Bethenny Frankel, if Kris' talk show does well in its assigned territories, it could be picked up for realsies for the fall.  You know you'll be watching with me!