Jenelle Evans Dating New Man; Also, The Teen Mom 2 Star Claims Jace’s Father Owes $12,000 In Child Support!


Jenelle Evans has a new man in her life! Shocker!

Move over, Farrah Abraham; another Teen Mom star wants the world to know that she doesn't have to pay for a man's attention her spotlight back. 

It's true! While Courtland Rogers – her husband – has been rotting away in jail, Jenelle has been bragging about Nathan Griffith – her new beau – on Twitter. The catch? Nathan might already have a girlfriend and a child. Minor details aside, according to Jenelle and her friends, Nathan is perfect!

"Nathan is awesome and Jenelle is obsessed with him," said Jenelle's friend Jennifer. "He's so cute and treats her so nicely. She's head over heels for him."


"Nathan is, like, the first level-headed career-minded guy Jenelle has ever dated," Jennifer said about the 25-year-old underwear model. "She's really happy with him and is telling her friends that he is a good guy and isn't with her for the fame or attention." 

Jennifer added that Barbara and Jace love Nathan too. “Janelle's just really really peaceful sounding about it," concluded Jennifer. "Like you can tell they have a good connection. He’s the first guy to even attempt to treat her right.” 

Of course, when you're Jenelle, a new man means new drama. Brianna Dorris has emerged, claiming that Nathan is HER man and the FATHER of her CHILD. According to Jenelle, Nathan told her that he and Brianna are no longer together. 

Brianna pleaded with Jenellevia Twitter – to leave her family alone. "We are together and you are coming in between my family and my life," she tweeted. "Yes, we did break up last August, but we've been back together for a long time now. We just bought this house together. Can you just back off of me and my family? Nathan and I have our issues but that's for us to work out. That man is my life. And if you have any class or respect for anyone, back off." 

Jenelle responded, "Why post all this publicly? Why not talk to me about it and be mature? U knew this was coming for a while. Don't play dumb," adding, "Yeah, she's eating all this fame up, so immature." 

In other news, Charles Andrew Lewis – who was known as Andrew on 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom 2 – talked to RadarOnline about Jenelle and Jace earlier this week. Then, Jenelle was like, Andrew better take a seat because he owes my mom a crap load of money! 

Andrew claimed that he tried to see Jace – THREE YEARS AGO – but was told no by both Jenelle and Barbara. “I wish I could [find] a better mother for Jace," he said. "From a father's point of view, hell yeah it bothers me. Jenelle's about dumber than a f–king brick." 

Andrew went on to say that he has the means to support Jace, adding, "I would love to see him every single day. I would love to see what type of father I am. I'm only in it for Jace. It's that simple."

In response, Jenelle tweeted, "He makes no sense. He knows what I do on a daily basis but hasn't seen my family in how long?! LMFAO," adding, "He owes $12,000+ in child support and yeah if he came here they would arrest him QUICK."

Note to Jenelle: Everyone knows what you do on a daily basis because you TWEET every second of your life. Also, STAY SINGLE for a while and focus your energy on your health and Jace. K? Thanks! 


Photo credit: Twitter