Former Real Housewives of Orange County Star Peggy Tanous Files For Bankruptcy!

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Show of hands of all who are surprised by the news? <crickets> <crickets>. 

Peggy Tanous filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy this March citing liabilities of $2.16 million. 

Despite listing income of only $30,000 per year and claiming she is unemployed, the former Real Housewives of Orange County star been advertising a new talk show and making comments on twitter about filming a workout DVD! 


Celebuzz reports that most of Peggy's debt stems from mortgages and property taxes but included in the filings are over $70,000 in credit card claims and $10,000 for a book contract. 

Peggy, who has been working on a new reality show seen filming around the OC (including with another broke former RHOC star Lynne Curtin), filed the claims under FOUR names: Peggy Colleen Farney, Margaret Colleen Farney, Peggy Tyler and finally Tanous! 

Interestingly, Peggy listed her marital status as "divorced" in the initial March 7th filing, amending it to "single" in an April 11 reprisal.  

Does this mean Peggy and Micah have divorced? The couple has two daughters together, London and Capri, who were featured on the show attempting to launch toddler modeling careers. 

Despite Peggy claiming she is divorced, she has been on twitter bragging about how much she loves being married and seen out and and about with her hubby. Just yesterday Peggy was tweeting about her "husband" and spending time with him, including announcing that he was cooking her an amazing dinner earlier in the week! 

​In addition she lists her assets as about $550 worth of home furniture and clothing, $1,150 in jewelry (was she wearing a CZ ring too?) and zero cash in the bank.

Peggy claims her her Irvine, CA home is worth $840,000, and lists her additional financials as $2,5000 a month in "non-court ordered" child support, $3,200 in monthly expenses, and a paltry annual income of $30,000. Something is not making sense here! Peggy claims her home has no equity, it was also slated for a foreclosure auction on March 22nd until the couple entered into loan remodification in an attempt to "save" it. 

Just as recently as May, Peggy was also boasting on twitter about a new Hummer, but in the bankruptcy filing she lists herself as pretty much destitute. 

When asked about all the odd financial information, Peggy claims it was merely business deals gone wrong. "I bought a $500K rental property that was later worth $100K, bad investment, big deal."

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