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People in the spotlight will never learn.  Sure, Kirk Frost may not be Jay-Z or Brad Pitt, but he needs to watch what he's doing when there are photographers around.  He is, after all, a married man…although he may not be for long!

The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star was recently caught on camera getting very cozy with some ladies that aren't his pregnant wife Rasheeda.  Of course, the couple has long been plagued by rumors of infidelity given he questions on the show whether it's his baby.


KPop Staz is reporting that the pictures were taken at a private pool party hosted by Kirk and his buddy bobblehead Benzino and show bikini clad girls sitting on Kirk's lap.  One photo shows a woman grabbing Kirk's business.  Classy.  The site also reveals whisperings of Kirk stepping out on his wife with model Alexis Miller.  Not cool, Kirk! 

When the photographs went public, Rasheeda tweeted, "I really wanted to slap the sh*t outta @FROST117"

However, the reality star knows that relationships are hard.  She recently said, "When you sign up for reality TV, you have to in a sense give the realities of what's going on in your relationship.  I don't know nobody whose relationship is just all good all the time. This go round, you'll get to see a lot more of what Rasheeda and Kirk are going through and how we try to make our issues work."

Say it ain't so!  If that news isn't bad enough, another relationship from the show is on the rocks.  That's right!  Benzino (I'll admit, he's kind of my fave) just got into a Twitter battle with his bestie Stevie J!

Benzino released a music video starring a Joseline Hernandez doppleganger which didn't sit well with Stevie.  After blasting his friend on Twitter, Benzino responded, “I’m done with this Love & Hip-Hop. I can’t do this no more. My character and friendships are way more important. This is horrible."

He added, “I know this looks bad and it sucks but it is what it is. [He] was my brother and [I] proved time after time. I don’t know what he’s going through but I’ve only been there for him. She’s the one who publicly disses him, put her finger on his face, says the worst sh*t about him and acts crazy around anybody near him.”

Benzino then went onto claim, “Josilin gave me her number at the radio station and said f*ck Stevie, I’m f*cking my trainer.”

So, something tells me that he and Stevie won't be getting Best Friend lockets together anytime soon…


[Photo Credit: VH1]

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