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Erica Mena Fired From Love & Hip Hop After Using Racial Slur

You might know Erica Mena from her tenure on Love & Hip Hop and probably not her singing career. But real ones remember Erica and her government face from when she sold clothes for the Kardashians.

Erica has been through pretty much everything, and when I say everything I mean everything. She’s had relationships with men, she’s had relationships with women. Then she met her match in Safaree Samuels until that romance blew up.

To say Erica has been a bit touchy would be putting it mildly. Now she’s gone and removed herself from the equation entirely. Erica opened her mouth to the wrong person at the wrong time and now might not have to worry about Love & Hip Hop again. TMZ has the details.

L&HH needs a moment away from Erica …

While Safaree may or may not be healing his wounds with Amara La Negra from Love & Hip Hop Miami, his ex has promptly and efficiently ended her time on its sister show. For now.

MTV is dunzo with Erica after she got into a shouting match with her co-star and Grammy nominee Spice. That Grammy nod probably struck Erica’s very last nerve and she wasn’t working with many to begin with.

During a recent episode, Erica and Spice were fighting over family stuff. Now Spice did comment on one of Erica’s children, and that is usually a pretty rough trigger to let go. When Spice implied Erica’s son didn’t love her, Erica pretty much blacked out. She flipped a table and then proceeded to call Spice a monkey – which was when the lights went out on her future.

Spice is Black and Erica is Afro-Latina. The fight scene made a lot of people watching justifiably angry. Immediately fans of the show wanted to wipe the floor with Erica and her remaining contract with Love & Hip Hop after the racial slur. Showrunners listened to the viewers.

The show released a statement via Instagram saying Erica has been fired. The statement read: “The Love & Hip Hop franchise has never shied away from hard conversations in our community. Working hand-in-hand with our partners, viewers will see the impact of Erica Mena’s remarks play out in the final 3 episodes of the season. Effective immediately, she will not appear in the next season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.”

The statement:

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So you would think that would end things, right? Nope. The other side of the coin found people frustrated Erica was fired after L&HH exploited the breakdown that oversaw the anger.

One person replied to the Instagram post, “But u gained clout from airing it tho. You clearly didn’t see the issue before it was aired. But now u do ? Wow low blowww. Thats why i dnt even watch this show. You guys take advantage of these ppls breakdowns for money then u fire them when u guys dont get the feedback u wanted smh. Terrible. Do better!!”

Keep in mind, L&HH has several franchises and this doesn’t mean Erica’s story is over. She could go back to New York or turn up in Miami. In addition to Erica being fired, she was also arrested recently along with L&HH co-stars for a brawl in an Atlanta club.