Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans Has Even More In Common With New Boyfriend Nathan Griffith–They Both Know Their Way Around A Courtroom!


I'm going to need all of you to sit down before you keep reading this post.  I'm serious.  I don't want anyone to grow faint or trip out of pure and unadulterated shock.  Please.  We here at RT care about your well-being.

Are you seated?  Good.  Here is some really crazy news…Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evan's new boyfriend may NOT have the most sincere of intentions when it comes to his courtship with the troubled reality star.  I know, I know…I'll give you a few minutes to recover!


Jenelle is no stranger to arrests and jail time and bail hearings (and neither is her husband Courtland Rogers), but apparently Radar Online has unearthed some major dirt on Jenelle's new boyfriend Nathan Griffith.

Forget about drug charges, custody, and parole, Nathan has issues pending in–still sitting??–traffic court!  If that isn't enough, he also has cases against him in the court of common pleas.  Do you hear that?  It's the sound of Kieffer Delp laughing at Nathan's lame rap sheet.  Not only does he have a $5,000+ judgment levied against him, he is also facing eviction proceedings.

It's no wonder Jenelle had to foot the bill for their new Myrtle Beach digs.  Oh wait.  How in the beegeesknees did someone with heroin charges against her qualify as a homeowner?  It must be a cash only deal with a shady seller.  However, if Jenelle had that cash, why not funnel it into a future for her son?  So many holes in this story….

An insider reveals, “Jenelle got a house with Nathan and she’s really happy about it,” adding, “It’s suspicious timing that Nathan has all these money problems going on and just happened to get with Jenelle."

The source explains, “[Nathan]’s already under attack for being called a ‘deadbeat dad‘ for child support stuff, so it’s clear that Jenelle has to up her expectations when it comes to the men she dates.”

Aww, don't you just love it when Captain Obvious sells his two cents to the tabloids?


[Photo Credit: Twitter]