Nathan Griffith mugshot
Image: Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

Nathan Griffith’s Sister Fears He May ‘Murder’ Someone if He Doesn’t Go to Rehab

Heather is concerned about her brother’s actions. After suffering a recent attack from Nathan Griffith earlier this month, she is worried that the Teen Mom alum might kill someone if he doesn’t get treated for his drinking habits and sent to rehab.

In an interview with The U.S. Sun, Heather opened up about her concerns with her brother, who has been arrested on multiple occasions for alleged violence.

After recently surviving an attack from her sibling, Heather said, “I don’t want to see my brother in jail for murder. That’s the reason why I did this. You can break a chick’s hyoid, and if you do, you’re going to kill her. hat’s what you are doing when you strangle somebody with your hands like that.”

Worried for all the right reasons

Nathan is digging himself a deeper hole. He choked his sister Heather, leading her to suffer a fractured jaw. It, however, isn’t the first time he’s landed into trouble. His track record has only gotten worse over time.

Last month, the alum, who shares son Kaiser with ex Janelle Evans, was arrested for driving under the influence following a fight with wife May Oyola. If that wasn’t enough, his girlfriend was granted a restraining order this year in March following his arrest for domestic battery.

If he hasn’t learnt from his time previous arrests, why let him out in the first place?

Heather told the outlet that she didn’t want to see her brother arrested but felt that by pressing charges against her brother, she is helping him.

She said, “Women need to know that just because a man is a man, it doesn’t give him the right to put his hands on you.”

Heather recalled what her brother said during the time of the attack. She said, “He said to me: ‘I’m a man. Admit it, I’m stronger than you and you will submit to me, I will kill you.'”

She wanted to help people understand that pressing charges might not just help the victim but also the perpetrator. She said, “People need to know that it’s okay to press charges. You’re not a bad person if you do it. As a matter of fact, you’re probably helping that person.”

According to the outlet, Nathan spent almost a week at the Clark County Detention Center following his arrest. He has been put on heavy monitoring after the judge’s decision to release him on bond. He will have to wear a GPS tracking device at all times.

Will this incident end his attacks and antics? Let’s hope so.