Tamar Braxton Dishes On Motherhood And Her New Talk Show ‘The Real!’

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There are some reality stars that sit back and let things happen, and then there are the ones who are constantly part of the hustle.  I have a lot of respect for those who are working hard to promote themselves and not just leaking salacious stories to the tabloids for attention (cough, cough, a certain Teen Mom).

While I don't necessarily want to be biffles with Tamar Braxton (I'll be honest, she scares me a bit–I'm intimidated), the star of Tamar and Vince and Braxton Family Values is on top of things.  She gets done what needs to be done, and she enjoys the fruits of her labor along the way.  There is a lot to be said for that!


In a recent sit down with CNikky, Tamar talks about how busy her life is now that she's got a new baby, a new album, and multiple television shows in the works.  Does the woman every sleep?  

It's no shock that Tamar has definitely taken to motherhood and is smitten by her son.  Of her son, she reveals, "Logan is everything. He is so yummy. Immediately everything changes but immediately you don’t fall in love, but I heard that you do but they lied. Somebody lied. Just like you fall in love with a little person, its just like that. You fall in love with little people. He is so yummy."

The reality star shares that she can't get enough of father-son bonding time.  Discussing her favorite things, Tamar says, "[It’s] watching Vince and the baby interact. It’s so beautiful. This is like his next of kin in the family, [Vince] doesn’t have any parents so, watching them together bond [is amazing]. They look alike its so crazy, they act alike. [Logan] is very fair, but everything else is Vincent Herbert."

Dishing on her new endeavor, talk show The Real, Tamar explains, "I get to be a real grown up [laughs]. The Real is like The View but its from a younger perspective and opinions that we care about. You know what I mean? It’s so great and it’s so positive. We just started shooting it last week and it’s the most amazing experience I’ve ever been a part of."

Tamar continues, "[The View] is almost like listening to your great aunt or great grandmother, without being disrespectful, but The Real is like your girlfriends, your sister, your cousin. Somebody’s opinion that you respect, but you can agree to disagree. Like Tamera [Mowry Housley] and I have totally different opinions, but we real cool [laughs]. It’s like come check in with your girlfriends on The Real."  Um, I'm sure Sherry Sheppard doesn't like being compared to someone's great-grandmother!  I still love you, Sher!

Of course, loyal fans will have to wait until fall for the return of VH1's Tamar and Vince, and she is ready!  Tamar says, "September 6th–Logan is on it. You see the whole transformation from Tamar to mommy Tae-Tae. You see the whole album come together and how we kind of balance the two. After that, The Braxton Family Values come back."

Seriously, when does she get some shut-eye?


[Photo Credit: Brian To/WENN.com]