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Tamar Braxton Claims A Real Housewife Of Atlanta And Their Husband Threatened Her

Tamar Braxton has been spilling lots of tea lately, and the latest is about a certain someone on the Real Housewives of Atlanta and their husband. Now, I must say, this is all reported, and nothing has been confirmed. However, it didn’t take long for people to start to connect the dots and assume the Braxton’s star was talking about Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker.

Kandi took shots at former RHOA executive producer Carlos King for allegedly trying to steal her “life story” by making a movie about Kandi’s girl group Xscape. According to Reality Blurb!, when Tamar and Kandi were on tour, Tamar allegedly said that never happened, which sparked the drama between the singers.

Thanks to The Reality Run Down on Instagram, they captured the moment Tamar started to tell her fans about the time she was supposedly threatened by an RHOA peach holder and their man.

“I got a story … y’all wanna hear about it,” Tamar wrote. “I was threatened by a [peach] and they man…” she continued in the next slide.

“It’s funny to me that. No one said anything … maybe cause they don’t want you to know who they REALLY are.”

Oof. One thing about Tamar, she’s always been honest. From her time on The Braxton Family Values to her iconic win on Celebrity Big Brother, where she competed alongside Kandi, she’s given viewers such amazing and engaging television. When Kandi and Tamar were on CBB, their former R&B beef reignited, but just briefly. After that, they worked together, with Kandi placing top 5 and Tamar winning the season.

Although they left the house in a great place, it looks like the former frenemies are now just enemies. “I feel like if I did [what] they did … they would have told the WORLD,” Tamar continued on Instagram. “But because they don’t want y’all to know how f**ked up they are as people and city officials … they ain’t said s***.”

I thought that was it until Tamar added, “Shall we play a guessing game?”

She continued, “It’s BEEF and it’s a REAL BEEF cause yo HUSBAND stepped to me! Periodt!”

Now, I know she can’t be talking about Todd. Maybe she is, I’m unsure, but Kandi–don’t forget you almost “dragged” Mal Bailey back in Season 6 for stepping to Todd aggressively. So if this is true, please, keep the energy.

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Even though Tamar ended there, OfficialKenBarbie posted on Instagram their own tea and alleged that the couple Tamar was talking about was indeed Kandi and Todd. Based on the report, Mr. Tucker “felt the need to confront” Tamar during one of her recent performances in Tampa.

“Apparently there’s been friction between [Kandi] and Tamar since Kandi wasn’t feeling the feedback Tamar gave when discussing the allegations that producer #CarlosKing had began working on an #Xscape biopic behind her back,” they wrote on Instagram.

The account went on to say that Tamar believes Kandi has tried to get her axed from future shows. Apparently, on December 10th, “Todd decided to try and take things into his own hands while Kandi was on stage performing,” and that’s when things got messy.

Despite not knowing who Tamar is actually talking about here, we’re safe to scratch Eva Marcille off the list. As she commented, “Not I said the cat,” and Tamar confirmed on @TheRealityRunDown’s Instagram.

If there’s one thing I know about Tamar and some of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, this is not the last time we will hear of this beef. I can assure you of that. For now, I’m keeping my ears and eyes open for more info from one of these stars.


[Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Def Jam ]