sister wives

I can't apologize enough for being late to the game with last week's debut of Sister Wives.  Sometimes, I pine so much for Kody Brown's glorious mane that I lose sight of everything else…even the show itself.  Of course, the premiere showed Robyn and Meri fight for My Sister Wives Closet when Kody, Janelle, and Christine aren't necessarily jiving with the "hobby."  In a nutshell, the baubles bomb at a local jewelry expo, and we are left to wonder–yet again–where the Browns will get the money for their dream cul-de-sac.

Last night's episode gave viewers a peek into what the ladies do in their daily lives when it's not their night to spend with Kody.  {heebie jeebies}  Kody also laments that he feels like a constant vagabond skipping from one far-flung rental home to another.  Janelle is hard at work in the gym, and she's starting to see some progress with her weight loss goal.  While she feels kind of like a single mom, she hasn't totally hated exploring her independence away from the family chaos.  You know she's going to be the first to cut and run from this disaster.

Robyn is getting on Kody and the other wives for not being as involved in My Sister Wives Closet.  Kody is concerned that people will mistake his attempts to sell trinket jewelry as patrolling for wife number five.  Christine and Janelle are not on board…they really want to pursue their real estate careers.  Janelle's kids are feeling the pressure of the family's stress, and Janelle is breaking up fights left and right while Kody tries to relax.  There is kicking and screaming and door slamming and video game confiscation and swearing.  Perhaps TLC should consider a Super Nanny crossover?  Janelle calls for reinforcement in the form Goldilocks while the boys rumble.  As Kody tries to discipline his boys, he explains that he often feels like a visitor and has less credibility with his family.  Ding, ding, ding!  We have a winner, ladies and gentlemen!


The following morning Christine is laughing about the chaos from her visit to Janelle's house the previous night.  Christine and Janelle then go meet with their real estate agent to get more guidance and direction.  The realtor tells Christine that she hasn't had a day off in the past six weeks.  Um, no.  Christine isn't willing to to give up her weekends.  Janelle shares that her kids are used to her working hard while Christine's children have grown accustomed to her being a stay-at-home mom.  The realtor explains to Christine and Janelle that there is an issue with the timeline for the houses.  There could be some major delays with the homes because the wives keep changing their minds and interrupting the contractor.  Additionally, Robyn, Meri, and Kody have been slack about turning in their loan paperwork.  Christine is beyond livid, and she goes home to complain to Kody about having to work evenings and weekends.  Kody agrees, but they argue over Christine's constant need to start drama.

At Robyn's house, she is encouraging her brood to whisper so that her light-sleeping one-year-old can stay asleep.  but it's hard with screaming kids and budding pianists.  An exasperated Robyn is looking forward to her date night with Kody sans kids later in the day.  However, in the meantime, she's meeting with Tenderheart and the other wives for a lecture from their realtor.  The realtor gives the adults the same speech she gave Janelle and Christine regarding bothering the contractor.  Meri looks like the cat who ate the canary when asked how often she goes to see the construction's progress.  It's essential that she visits the house on a regular basis…she's scrapbooking for goodness sake!

Later, Janelle goes to Robyn and tells her that she wants to get more engaged in My Sister Wives Closet.  She also wants to promote the business as empowering women which is good since Kody wants nothing to do with it.  Janelle also gives Robyn advice on how to get Christine more involved..aka, don't make her do any work and only tell her about the fun stuff.  Is Christine this season's Meri?

Robyn and Kody are going on a climbing date at Red Rocks.  Their guide pretends to be shocked when he hears that Kody is in a plural marriage.  The scenery is beautiful, but of course, it's tainted by lots of Kody-licious P.D.A.  Robyn has her own concerns about what moving into the cul-de-sac will bring.  The family goes to walk-through the homes.  They want to be in by Christmas but that may not happen.  Meri and Mariah are bonding over some shopping, and Meri is still struggling over whether she should try to have another child when her daughter goes off to college.  Mariah really wants her mom to give her a(nother) sibling.  She also really wants to be a doctor and really wants her own sister wives one day.  Kody comes over to find Mariah unpacking all of the family's Christmas decorations, but it's not even Thanksgiving yet.  However, the first family bonds while going through years of memories.


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