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Last night's Sister Wives was lacking all the whine that has been present for last few weeks.  Thankfully, I wasn't lacking in wine.  Sometimes it takes a little pinot noir for me to watch Robyn, Meri, Christine, and Janelle fight for Kody Brown's affections.  Hey, I get it…that hair would make me a fool for love too!

Robyn has got to be over the moon.  Not two short weeks ago, no one wanted to be involved in My Sister Wives Closet, but now business-minded Janelle realizes it could be the perfect avenue to create a line of modest exercise gear.  Christine is also hopping on the bandwagon after she got the tragic news that realtor actually have to do work, so that job prospect is out of the question.  She wants to market the business with some t-shirts, but Kody doesn't want to cheapen the company with fumpy gimmicks.  For someone who didn't want to be a part of this gig, Kody sure is vocal.  Robyn jokes that Kody needs to put on his big boy panties.  Has he done something different with his beard?  Dead sexy.

Janelle is getting frustrated with the plateau in her weight loss goals.  While she was consistently losing weight in the beginning, the numbers aren't getting lower now.  Janelle counts her calories and works out an hour a day, six days a week.  Her trainer convinces her to bring in her scale.  He wonders why Janelle is focused on the number on the scale when now she's running and getting stronger.  He makes her take a sledgehammer to the scale, and Janelle feels liberated.  She then models some pants that are now several sizes too big, and she realizes that she is making major progress.


The cul-de-sac is coming along slowly but surely, and the family is still hoping to get into their homes by Christmas.  Janelle's hallway mistakenly has tile flooring, and the realtor quickly calls the builder to let him know of the snafu.  She really doesn't want those ladies to have access to the contractor since they are already slowing down the process by making so many changes.  The realtor reminds Kody that he, Robyn, and Meri have yet to secure financing.  He lives by faith, so it's all good.

Thankfully, with all of these kids, college tours takes precedent over more whining over the homes.  Two daughters will be graduating from high school this year, and Mykelti has been accepted into a college program for high schoolers.  While her siblings tease her for being perceived as a wild child, they all think she's all talk.  Mykelti agrees that she really does strive to do the right thing, but if a college guy asks for her digits, she may just give in.  What's the harm in flirting?

The first stop on the college tour is Westminster in Utah for MariahMeri is saddened about the prospect of an empty nest.  On their way to see the campus, Meri, Kody, and Mariah stop at their old house.  They have held onto the house because the plan was for Mariah to live there while in school.  As they walk around the empty home, all three of them conclude that it no longer feels like home.  Mariah has always wanted to return to the house, but now she's thinking that dorm living may be an experience she needs to have.  The three decide it may be time to sell their old house.  Before the campus tour, Kody gets assurance from the admissions counselor that the family's lifestyle won't be an issue for Mariah being accepted.  Both Kody and Meri are excited to see Mariah hyped about going off to school.

Mariah is convinced that Westminster is the school for her, but Kody and Meri want her to take a campus tour of UNLV.  She thinks her parents are hoping that she'll stay closer to home.  Kody thinks that it will be a lesson in being open minded.  When Kody learns that Mariah is choosing Westminster to be closer to the family church, he is fine with her skipping out on the tour.  Logan is working in the admissions office at UNLV, so he will be leading sister Aspyn around with Christine and Kody.  Kody and Aspyn believe that Logan has seriously distanced himself from the family.  He doesn't want the pressure of having to decide whether he is going to follow in his father's footsteps with multiple wives.

The ladies are trying their hands at another craft fair, but this time it's in Las Vegas.  The women seem to have more customer interest in their booth, but they are still lacking in sales.  The people who peruse the wives' jewelry are much more tolerant.  One woman, presumably with vision problems, talks about how kind and friendly the family was while fanning herself when she speaks of "that hunk" Kody.

The high school guidance counselor stops by the house chat with Mariah about potential scholarships and the realities of being a doctor.  Kody and his wives drone on about how they will all split the costs so each child can have the best education possible, and I get the impression that each wife is contributing to children that may not necessarily be their own.  Speaking of money, after a round-table discussion regarding My Sister Wives Closet, Janelle decides it is time for her to disengage in the business.  However, Christine is ready to jump in and pick up the slack.  She wants to be supportive of Robyn.


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