Jenelle Evans Taunts Nathan Griffith’s Ex, Ends Friendship With Courtland Rogers’ Ex


Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has been a very busy mom girl this week. 

Today, Jenelle tweeted an insulting message to boyfriend Nathan Griffith's ex-wife, Allison Stevens.  Allison is also the mother of Nathan's two-year-old daughter, Emery.


You see, Allison recently called Jenelle unstable and controlling, so what's an attention hungry reality TV star to do?  Battle it out on Twitter of course!


In a recent interview,  Allison said,  "I haven't spoken to Nathan since May because Jenelle totally controls him now." 

“But if I could say one thing to him, it would be, Please don’t involve our child in that horrible reality TV world," added Allison. "And as far as Jenelle is concerned, she’s unstable, and I don’t want her anywhere near my daughter!”

In response, Jenelle tweeted, "Maybe some people should stop selling articles to get a little bit of fame, like she always strived for."

That's rich coming from drama queen Jenelle! Anyway, Allison also revealed that her mother has custody of Emery, because she "got involved with drugs and alcohol" while married to Nathan.  Allison did not explain why Nathan isn't raising their little girl.  


Earlier this week, Jenelle freaked out  (on Twitter)  when she found out her estranged husband, Courtland Rogers, met up with her BFF, Taylor Lewis, who shares a child with Courtland.  Flow charts are available upon request.

Courtland, who thinks he's God's gift to Twitter, tweeted the photo evidence (above), sending Jenelle into a tailspin.

Jenelle tweeted to Taylor, "I have lost ALL respect for u. Cannot believe u would actually stoop down and hang out with him, knowing him and his past," adding,  "I tried to be there as a big sister for u but not anymore.  DO NOT CONTACT ME ANYMORE. Our friendship has now ended."

“How many times is it going to take me to find one true friend that won’t f–k me over?!" cried Jenelle. "I can’t trust anyone." Jenelle added that she can't even trust Nathan right now! Drama ensued! However, since they're now getting engaged and starting a family soon, I guess that has changed since yesterday.

Courtland tweeted to Jenelle, "Why can't you just let me have a little piece of happiness instead of stealing it from me in every way possible. #sadface," adding for his legion of followers, "I still love all 36,000 of y'all. I actually listen to y'all. I could [not] care less about fame. I'm not famous [no, but he's alnost fanous!] but I have a voice n I love y'all."  He doesn't want to be famous? That's a lie!

Jenelle and Courtland have been begging for each other's attention since his release from jail. This exchange is, like, 1% of their nonsense. Ugh. Jenelle and Courtland are beyond childish and pathetic.


Photo credit: Twitter