Adriana De Moura and Frederic Marq of The Real Housewives of Miami Wedding

Oh Adriana de Moura – little tip: don't tell a lie when it can easily be disputed on film or in writing! #Housewives101 

After getting engaged last season on Real Housewives of Miami the media discovered that Adriana had actually been married to Frederic Marq since 2008. Her rep said they got a marriage license but because of an error in the info on the license it was nullified. THEN it emerged that a month after obtaining said erroneous license, Frederic and Adriana actually got married. 

Fast forward to last week's season premiere of RHOM and Adriana is now claiming they got a license but called the wedding off before actually getting married. Well that's Adriana's new storyline and she's sticking to it! "This season is drama galore," Adriana hints. 

“Maybe 8 weeks into the relationship, Frederic asked me to marry him. I was in that lustful stage and the sex was great, so I said yes, "Adriana insists to NBC Latino. "But when I started to feel conflicted, we started fighting and he finally pulled the plug."


"We called it off but I still had the paper, the legal certificate.” That legal certificate I assume she is referring to is the marriage license. Which states the marriage date as Dec 4th

Adriana also said her son had an "emotional breakdown" during the planning process at the thought of her getting married which caused her to get cold feet. However, it was too late as the marriage license has already been gotten! “I couldn’t really start telling everyone we had a paper when the point of not having the wedding party was to protect my son,” Adriana spins. “If I told everyone that I was legally married, than it would defeat the purpose of keeping it a secret.” 

While Adriana says her son is "grateful" she kept the secret, unfortunately not telling the truth caused her longtime friendship to Lea Black to suffer. After a massive blowout in this week's episode, Adriana insists the are "working on things." 

"It's been very disappointing that a friend that I'd had for many years at the first opportunity instead of standing by me and being the first one to see what's going on, is the one to cast the first stone," Adriana says of Lea. "And create this big split in the group and throw other people against me." 

Of course now Alex, Adriana's son, considers Frederic his father. “Frederic proved to be an excellent supporter of me and Alex,” Adriana reveals. "That's been the most important thing." 

Equally important, I'm sure (call me a cynic!), is a big splashy Bravo-paid-for wedding. And a storyline! 

This season Adriana and co-tart enemy Joanna Krupa take center stage as their dueling weddings dominate the show. Adriana is adamant that her nuptials are far superior than Joanna's trashy affair! 

“I felt my wedding was religious and emotional,” Adriana says. “I like glamour, but I also like refinement so in that sense I think my wedding won.” Ummm… yeah, getting married is about 'winning' Adriana. I think you need to go try for a stint on the over-the-hill Bachelorette! 

Attempting to get past the negativity Adriana hints to fans to be prepared for the "best season ever" and get equally excited about the best Adriana ever, too! 

“My life has progressed and I’m trying to bring the best of me as Adriana to the show – and at the same time, the show is looking richer and sexier,” Adriana shares. “I’m really proud of the product we’re putting out.”

Part of bringing the best Adriana to the show includes producing a sunglasses line and a samba dance exercise DVD! Are you kidding me?! The Bravo Home Shopping Network is going to be inundated with Bodies By Bravo exercise tapes! Joanna is also working on a workout DVD. Wasn't that already Real Housewives of Atlanta's storyline?

“That Latin flavor adds a spiciness to Miami as a franchise that none of the shows have,” Adriana describes about what makes the show great. “We’re exciting and glamorous – that’s what Miami is all about.”

Ratings for the show are still tragically low for the Housewives franchise, so we'll see if the viewers respond to all the "best season ever" drama! Personally I think it's time for Adriana to just cop to lying and leave the back stepping to the samba dance lessons! 

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