I think things are really going to be great this season of Duck Dynasty.  It's fun, light-hearted and not too scripted!  I love seeing the Robertsons get together, and I think it's hilarious the way Phil interacts with his grandchildren.  

Jase is installing a new dock with his brothers and friends as Si gives orders from the edge of the water.  Si is great at supervision, but he's reminded that he, of all people, does not have super vision.  I think we can all attest to that having seen his coke bottle glasses.

At the warehouse, Si is regaling the warehouse crew with stories of his football days.  Jase has Si's football formula memorized.  First, there is a grand exaggeration followed by Si's remarkable strategy.  After awhile, the actual story of the game begins, but it's riddled with commercial breaks for Epsom salt, sweet tea, and more ridiculously exaggerated stories.


Willie makes sure that everyone knows their rank as far as the business is concerned.  He's the boss, Jase tries to run the duck room, and Jep, while their mother's favorite, needs to learn his place.  Godwin interrupts that he really wants a hog, er, a hag, a what?  After much enunciation, we learn that Godwin is in the market for a hot tub.  Meanwhile, Phil is enlisting his grandchildren to help him with some chores, but I'm going to venture a guess that they have no clue what they are in for as far as the day is concerned.

Willie and Martin are researching hot tubs, but Godwin admits his budget is only two hundred dollars…and he wants speakers.  At this news, Jase's germaphobia kicks in full force.  A used hot tub?  Gag.  Si knows just the place that will have what he wants…speakers and hepatitis.


Jase is trying to dissuade Godwin from purchasing a hot tub by warning him that his back hair will surely clog the drain.  Jep is channeling his inner Hannibal Lector while playing on a dolly.  Si, relying on his air traffic control skills honed in 'Nam, is driving Willie up the wall as he tries to hitch the trailer to his truck.  I must say, Si is the master of hand signals…although he is not the master at hooking up a trailer.

In his backyard, Phil is trying to remedy his grandchildren's personality crisis, as in they have no personality.  He wonders what they will do if they're ever faced with a world void of nuggets and Coca-Cola.  Phil is trying to teach survival skills by showing them how to find tasty fruits in the wild, but he's losing his cool as John Luke compares everything to zombies in The Walking Dead.  Bless him.

Si has a twin who dresses like Elton John, and his name is Squirrel.  Squirrel has a hot tub rotting on his property, but it's within Godwin's budget…although it doesn't have speakers.  Jase can feel the infection just looking at it.  Sold!


Trying to impart a lesson in patience, Phil is teaching his grandchildren to cook jelly from the berries they shook from the trees.  Kay is in agreement…it's a valuable lesson, but wait what?  Her ADD totally rivals the short attention span of her offspring!

The boys have towed that hot tub monstrosity to Godwin's and he wants it placed in his front yard.  Si wants to [hand signal] barf.  All Godwin's neighbors want to do on a normal morning is wake up, have a light reference, and watch nature…and nature does not include a rude, nude Godwin in his front yard jacuzzi.  Willie is in awe about how humorous his team of numbskull employees is when trying to relocate a rotten hot tub.


The grandchildren are looking forward to the spoils of their jelly.  Phil thinks the hungrier they are, the better listeners they'll be.  Sadly for John Luke, he's last in line for the tasty treat.

Godwin is test driving his new toy for the first time, even though it's cold and doesn't have any spray.  It takes Si yelling, "Fire up the griddle" before the magic happens. Godwin is shocked that none of his friends want to partake in his germ bath.  Oh, what does he care?  He's got his hot tub!

As the episode closes, Phil prays and Willie reflects on how it feels to do a favor for a friend, even if that favor does involve procuring a broken jacuzzi from Si's doppleganger.


[Photo Credit: A&E]

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