TLC Debuts New Polygamist Sister Wives Show Called ‘My Five Wives’; Meet The Family!


Uh-oh – Kody Brown and his luscious locks are in for a challenge! 

Hot on the heels of Sister Wives success, TLC is bringing us a new polygamist family in the My Five Wives. The "special" feature on polygamy will chronicle the unorthodox marriages of Brady Williams and his wives: Paulie, Robyn, Rosemary, Nonie, and Rhonda along with their 24 children! 

The family lives in Utah and Brady (who has disappointingly normal hair) describes his lifestyle as a "progressive polygamist" left the Mormon church behind to pursue the polygamy. Unfortunately their devotion to plural marriage has left them shunned by their community and estranged by family members, but they're fine with that! I mean when you have four sister wives isn't that more than enough family?!


TLC describes the special as an "honest, fresh look at this very controversial lifestyle." So let's meet the new fam!

Brady: Born a Mormon his parents converted to polygamy when he was in high school. As for how he supports the massive brood, he's a project manager at his brother's construction business while pursuing a degree in philosophy. How he has time to procreate 24 times is a great mystery! 

Paulie (aka Wife 1): A dental hygienist who has been married to Brady for 21-years, they have six kids ranging from aged 20 – 9. Paulie was raised in a polygamist family and fully supports the lifestyle, although she is pleased that her recently married eldest daughter has chosen a traditional marriage. 

Robyn (aka Wife 2): Oh yeah – another Robyn! Anyway she's been married to Brady for 20 years (only nine months after he married Paulie!) and has five kids ages 19 – 9. Robyn also grew up polygamist and supports the lifestyle, she is the "creative wife" who loves crafting and making handmade gifts. 

Rosemary (aka Wife 3): Rosemary has been married to Brady for 18 years and has 4 kids, aged 17 – 11. She attends college on a scholarship and is studying music and biology. She is "passionate about composing". 

Nonie: (Wife 4) She has been married to Brady for 15 years and they have five children, aged 14 – 4. Nonie is originally from Montana and had a long-distance courtship with Brady before becoming engaged. She manages the administrative side of the family construction business and works with Brady. 

Finally, Rhonda (Wife 5): She has been married to Brady for 12 years and they have 4 kids, aged 13 – 2. Rhonda is Robyn's cousin (which is GROSS) and loves having a job as a medical assistant. She claims to have felt an "immediate bond" with the family, but it took her eight years to feel fully comfortable. Ronda admits that polygamy has "downsides" but she loves her children and the other mothers that help raise them. 

My Five Wives debuts on Sunday, Sept. 15. TLC is considering optioning the feature as a series depending on the success! 

[Photo Credit: Liz Bowles Photography/Relativity Television/DCL]