Real Housewives Of Orange County’s Tamra Barney Talks Her Favorite Cocktail, Bravo Franchise, And Wedding Day Moment


Who knew?  It seems that Tamra Barney may have had her best year yet!  The Real Housewives of Orange County star managed to come out of this season looking not too shabby compared to past seasons.  Even as her normal two-faced mean girl self, Tamra seemed to be…dare I say it?…genuine and slightly relatable.

She got married to Eddie Judge (and a coveted spin-off!) and opened a business.  Tamra managed to mature a little bit and rekindle some old frienemieships while being somewhat nice to those to whom she'd once (or thrice) treated brutally.  Awww, our girl is all grown up, isn't she?


In a recent interview with the Miami Herald, Tamra dishes about what's going on in her life, as well as what fans would be shocked to hear about her.  She's really quite the introvert, y'all!  In Miami (for the first time…never would've guessed it!) to promote her new cocktail line at a local Total Wines, Tamra opens up about her year in review.  Pop quiz, hot shots–when have you ever seen Tammy guzzle anything other than wine?  If it pays the bills…Check out an excerpt of that interview below!

What is your favorite cocktail?

Probably a classic Caipirinha. I substitute the sugar for Agave to keep it low cal. I also garnish with a lime slice and piece of fresh sugarcane.

Congrats on your nuptials! What can readers expect to see from your Bravo special?

Everything from planning a wedding on budget, the stress and joys that go into it, our family and friends all coming together to support us, a heartfelt speech Eddie had for my kids and so much love. When I think about the opportunity to film my wedding, I truly feel blessed that for the rest of my life I have the most treasured day with my other half on tape to watch over and over again. It’s only a few days away, and we cannot wait to share it with everyone.

I read that you guys are thinking about having kids via surrogate? Any more thoughts about that?

It’s something that Eddie and I are considering.

What’s the best part about being a RH? Worst? Do you watch the other franchises?

The best part and the worst are really the same. You put your whole life out there for the world to see, and sometimes it’s a great thing and changes your life, and sometimes its a negative thing, and it changes your life. This whole experience for me has been incredible, and I don’t regret ever being a part of it. I do watch all the shows. My favorites are New Jersey and Beverly Hills.

What is something most fans may not know about you?

As bold as I may be, I am really introverted because I don’t like to show my feelings. I struggle with expressing myself and what I go through from time to time.

What is a typical day like for you?

Running around for my kids and running our business. I love what I do.

I notice Tamra didn't list "friend-hopping" as a typical daily activity…that must be a something she just reserves for when Bravo cameras are rolling!  If she and Eddie do pursue a child with a surrogate, I foresee another mini-series.  Children by Bravo.


[Photo Credit: Twitter]