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On last night's Sister Wives, Kody Brown, along with wives Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn, address audience questions, and not surprisingly, hypocrisy abounds.  Discussing the clothing worn by the daughters, Kody reveals that he wants his girls to dress conservatively.  The boys don't need to see their goods.  Mykelti thinks that the teenage years are the time to experiment with style, and Hunter certainly doesn't have a problem with girls at his school dressing in tight shirts.

Speaking of tight, the kids are then asked if they like how their father dresses.  His jeans are far too tight, but Kody shares he's got the body for it, and his wives love seeing his buns in that snug denim.  I just threw up in my mouth a bit…


The wives joke about what Kody would be like if he was a bachelor.  While Christine and Robyn have conflicting views about Kody's cleanliness, Janelle is convinced that he'd be very cosmopolitan.  He likes nice cars, nice clothes, and nice homes.  Oh, and lots of women.  LOTS.

When questioned about how the wives deal with jealousy, Christine reveals that she needs to focus on what makes her such a great person instead of dwelling on what another wife may have that she doesn't.  Janelle agrees that healthy self-esteem goes a long way in beating the green monster.  Meri chimes in that Kody getting upset over the wives' jealousy doesn't help at all.  He needs to be more reassuring to the jealous wife so she knows she has no reason to feel the way she's feeling. 

After a light-hearted inquiry regarding mane maintenance, Kody admits he may never cut his hair, and his wives are fine with his lengthening locks.  Yeah they are. 

An audience member asks the wives what their most embarrassing moment on the show has been.  Robyn explains that giving birth on camera was her most awkward time.  Christine's moment was leaving an interview session after getting jealous of Kody's upcoming wedding to Robyn.  Janelle felt very vulnerable when she shared her weight on camera, having never even told Kody how much she weighed.  Meri wishes their was no footage of her yelling at her sister wives' kids, and Kody shares that the double standard he created with Meri at their anniversary had never happened.  He called the idea of her with multiple husbands gross and vulgar when she was trying to get him to empathize with her jealousy issues. 

Janelle is touted as an inspiration for her weight loss, and she explains how she stays motivated.  She is totally going to take this new found self-esteem and start a new life for herself.  After being asked if they are actually sisters, the wives explain the history of the term "sister wives."  No, they are not biologically related.  That's an entirely different show. They reflect on how their lives have changed since the show began, and the women explain that now they can have more open and honest friendships now that they are no longer living in secrecy.


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