Sister Wives Recap: Wholesale Wholesomeness


Everyone is finally moved into the cul-de-sac compound on Sister Wives, and the kids are ecstatic to be so close to their siblings.  Kody thinks that Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn will have the biggest adjustment with boundaries.

Robyn has a grand plan to ceremoniously burn the duffel bag that Kody used to tote from house-to-house.  Janelle never really minded what the bag represented, and Kody laughs.  To Janelle, the bag is a symbol of her independence and served as a reminder that he'd be leaving soon.  Sounds about right!

With Mother's Day on the horizon, Kody is meeting with this jewelry manufacturers to design individually pieces for each of his wives.  He's hoping that none of the wives will get jealous.  After seeing what Kody has designed, I doubt he'll have to worry.  Robyn's piece is a phoenix rising from the ashes, Meri gets a loyal dog crown and heart, Christine's piece will be a mischievous fairy, while poor Janelle gets a tree.  Will these be available on the web site?


Kody and his wives are heading to a local casino to check out a gift store that has offered to sell My Sister Wives' Closet's new wholesale line.  As Meri describes it, it's for their customers that want a lesser price point.  She reminds us that they still have clients who want quality pieces.  That Meri, she's quite the salesperson, no?  At the casino, there is a tank full of women swimming around dressed as mermaids.  Christine is in awe of them.  She finds it funny that she thinks cocktail waitresses are scantily clad and inappropriate, yet these half-naked lady fish are mesmerizing.

The wives originally had a moral issue with their jewelry being sold in a casino, but Christine realizes that it's not just about gambling.  The casino has so many other attractions that she'd enjoy with her family.  The store that will be carrying their line is called "Guilt" which initially bothers Robyn until she realizes that it's just a play on words for a cute boutique.  The Brown's manufacturers' are confused as to why more shop owners don't want to carry the jewelry.  Sure, Kody has four wives, but it's Vegas! Kids can see much worse on a street corner than tacky jewelry designed by polygamists.

Janelle continues to feel frustrated with weight loss plateau.  Her weight isn't changing, but she's losing inches, going down in sizes, and feeling better.  Her trainer is cussing mad that Janelle keeps fixating on the scale.  He has set up an appointment for her to meet with a nutritionist.  After speaking with the Kettle Bell Bombshell, Janelle is re-inspired to reach her health goals.

Kody running from  is Robyn's house to Meri's for a day date.  I love any scene when I get to see Kody's hair blow in the breeze as he cruises in his mid-life crisis convertible. The pair is going to Red Rocks for a picnic, and Kody hopes that the fact he just brought Robyn here won't bother Meri.  He's so smooth.  Meri plans to give Kody her answer on whether to have another baby.  Kody isn't so sure his belief system would allow him to pursue scientific measures to have more kids.  They may not have to worry about if it Meri falls off a cliff trying to hike in clogs.

Discussing the choice, Meri asks Kody point blank if he wants another child.  He admits that he has no gut feeling as to having another child if God and nature made it happen.  In the next breath, Meri says she wants to go to the doctor to get tests done.  Um, did she not hear him?  Kody wants the pair to sit on "the no" decision and see how they feel.  They seal Kody's choice with a kiss.  He's such a keeper.

After the picnic, Meri decides to inform Robyn of her and Kody's decision not to try to have more kids.  She admits that she was going to tell Kody that she really wanted another child and Kody put the kibosh on it.  Meri feels that if it was just her, Kody, and Mariah, the parents would be empty nesters together.  However, she's alone in her empty nest since Kody has four other wives and a gaggle of other children.  Robyn tries to comfort her sister wife as she questions her place in the family.


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