Sister Wives Tell All!


If you're like me, you're wondering what great deed you must have done this weekend to be treated to two full hours of Kody Brown's hair.  Oh, and Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn were there too…

The Sister Wives reunion begins with Tamara Hall addressing Kodilocks (thanks reader Hegeira for that hilarious moniker!) and the Brown wives.  The family relives the drama of getting financing for the cul-de-sac compound and Meri's tears.  Christine and Janelle are sporting some pretty heavy make-up, and Meri explains that there is more potential for jealousy now that the women are in such close proximity.  When Tamara tries to dig deeper, Meri begins back-tracking and Christine admits sometimes she is visited by the green monster. Tamara needs to take over the Housewives reunions!

To lighten the mood, the group jokes about a time when Kody was told by Robyn that he needed to put on his big boy panties and get used to his wives empowering themselves with My Sister Wives Closet.  He blushes over the jokes as Robyn apologizes. Tamara then shares Danny the builder's insights on Kody and all of his ladies. Everyone agrees that Danny is spot-on with his assessments.


Meri didn't like the inference that Kody feels the need to accommodate, but she doesn't necessarily disagree with it.  Tamara asks if the each wife individually fulfills his needs, and he can barely get the words out of his mouth before Robyn is praising his answer.  The follow-up question is whether the women are all friends.  There is a resounding 'yes' from the wives, but Tamara isn't convinced.

Next, Tamara addresses Kody and Meri's decision not to try for another child.  She puts the two in their place, stating that the choice was anything but mutual.  Tamara wonders how Meri will feel if Robyn gets pregnant again, and she is honest in saying that she is always happy for her sister wives when they have a new baby, but she still feels sad that it isn't her.

Robyn's purity is brought up next, and I may shove a pencil in my ear if I have to hear Robyn's tale of giving her purity to the wrong boy.  Tamara admits to being moved by Robyn's story, and the other wives share that Robyn's "impurity" didn't bother them when Kody started courting her.  While I understand that Robyn regrets her decision, she also got her children from it, so…The kids' dating life is discussed, and Janelle is fine with group dating at sixteen.  If Christine had her way, there would be no dating period for her girls.

We are treated to the highlights of last week's polygamy panel, and Tamara questions Christine about her issues with her aunt.  The family is quick to admit that they are sickened by the abuse that many children have suffered, but they know a lot plural marriages that are like theirs.

The teens join Tamara, and Mariah talks about how upset she was over not getting into her home with everyone else.  Hunter admits that Vegas has certainly grown on him, and none of them are dating at the moment.  Mykelti jokes that she wants to be a wild child, but she's far from being rebellious.  The teens reveal that their family going public has been great because now they can claim their siblings from the other mothers.  Mariah is the only one who is certain she wants to be a part of a plural marriage, and Madison is dead set on monogamy.  Logan is leaning towards just one wife, and Mykelti just wants to see with whom she falls in love.  I will give it to these teens, they are very articulate and grounded–their mothers could learn a lot!

Tamara asks if they are open to another wife, and the family is quick to say that they aren't in an open marriage.  They are offended when people joke about being Kody's fifth wife. Kody isn't in the market for another wife.  In case you've forgotten the therapy session you watched less than an hour before the reunion, we get to watch footage of their time in Arizona.  Meri reveals to Tamara that she isn't showing her entire self to the cameras.  The women agree that if something were to happen to Kody, they would remain sister wives.


[Photo Credit: TLC]