Olivia Black To Sue Pawn Stars Producers; Claims She Was Wrongfully Fired Over A Nude Photo Scandal!


Oh goody – a little Pawn Stars drama to dive into! Anyone remember Olivia Black? Pretty, sassy, glasses wearing? Chumlee had a crush on her  (I presumed?) – anyway yeah then one day she was gone! 

Apparently Olivia was secretly fired after the network discovered she had some nude photos circulating around. Oopsie. The History Channel does not like its stars to show off the naughty bits! 

Olivia's publicist reached out to us to give us the inside scoop on why she was fired and what prompted her to file a wrongful termination lawsuit on the terms of discrimination. 


Olivia believes, "This intolerance for online nude photos seems to be only subjected to female television personalities and because of that Olivia’s has been advised to sue the production company for discrimination." 

Apparently Olivia was carefully chosen to join the cast and was the only person added to the original group. At the height of the show's popularity, Leftfield Pictures (the producers of the show) sought to hire someone new to shakeup the cast. After weeks of intensive interviews they chose then-model Olivia. And she was an instant success on the show, according to her rep. 

She mostly "worked the night shift" with Chumlee. The model and Las Vegas philanthropist believes she was a vital asset to the fanbase, but unfortunately after fourteen months of appearing on Pawn Stars the media uncovered she had done a nude photo shoot in her past. 

Olivia maintains that almost immediately she "noticed a distance in communication" from the producers. "While getting ready for the night shift one day, Olivia received a phone call at her house from Leftfield Pictures and with no further explanation they informed her she will no longer be on Pawn Stars." 

"Her firing was abrupt and unfortunate and I think the public deserves more answers," Olivia's rep Domenick Nati shares. "Olivia is ready to address this situation and she will still be moving forward with her national tour." In addition to that she is pursuing her own reality TV show, of course. Yeah – we don't want the fans to miss out… 

Pawn Stars is also involved in another lawsuit

[Photo Credit: Jana Cruder/Olivia Black]


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