Pauly D In A Custody War With Baby Mama; Says She’s Unfit And He Wants Full Custody!

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Just yesterday Pauly D announced he was the proud papa of a five-month-old girl. The mama of whom is a one night stand Vegas hookup! 

The baby mama in question is named Amanda Markert according to TMZ. She's a Hooters waitress who also has another kid. And therein lies the problem – the former Jersey Shore star claims the 25-year-old Amanda is using him for money and he wants custody of daughter Amabella.  Pauly believes that Amanda is unfit based on both her occupation and her double single mother status! 

Both Pauly and Amanda have filed court docs against each other filing for custody. Pauly has reportedly never met his daughter, but DNA tests confirm he is definitely the father – and he's looking for FULL custody. Amanda is of course also seeking full custody, plus demanding child support. Sources say Pauly is not contesting support as he wants to take care of his daughter, but he also wants a relationship with her. That's sweet.


Pauly also feels Amanda is using their daughter as big ol' paycheck! The proof: she recently posted a photo of her daughter sitting at her high chair surrounded by $100 bills! The fruits of her labor – quite literally. The two are so bitter over the situation, sources say they "hate" each other! 

The battle is getting so intense that each party has filed custody documents in different states! Amanda in New Jersey where Pauly is from originally and Pauly in Nevada where he currently lives – as does Amanda! Amanda filed her docs in NJ because they are more likely to award custody to the mother, while NV judges are more likely to consider the father's rights.

Apparently in NV there's a "presumption" that both parents should share custody. Pauly is fighting to be the sole custodial parent, but is open to sharing with Amanda. Amanda – not so much! 

Ironically NV is likely to award Amanda a more generous support amount, but Pauly is OK with that! "He knows he'll end up paying more child support but getting custody is way more important to him," sources say.

Amanda is complaining on twitter that the tabloids are exploiting her daughter and people are selling her out for their 15 minutes of fame. "My poor, innocent daughter being exploited. People should be ashamed involving an infant," she wrote.

Some photos of Amanda and Amabella are below! 

[Photo Credit: Judy Eddy/WENN]



Somebody looks like daddy. This lil baby is BEYOND cute! [Photo Credit: Instagram]

amanda-markert-pauly-d-baby-mama-pregnantA pregnant Amanda. [Credit: Instagram]

amanda-markert-pauly-d-baby-mama1Amanda in her Hooters days [Instagram]

amanda-markert-pauly-d-baby-mamaAmanda again. Nice pants! [Credit: Facebook]